5 Rangoli Designs for Competition

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Rangoli is one of the most popular and traditional art forms of India. It becomes important part of Indian culture. Basically it is an art of decorating floor by creating beautiful designs and motifs with various colors. Here floor is your canvas to express your thoughts and feeling with colors. Hence it is also called floor painting. Traditionally rangoli is done by women’s and has religious, cultural values too as it has main purpose of welcoming god.
Designs usually has  some  geometric shapes round, square, spiritual symbols like ohm, swastika, kalas, zodiac signs, gods and human figure etc. most popular designs of rangoli have flower, petals and simple geometrical patterns. Now free hand designs and also popular.
Usually rangoli done by women’s with various materials traditionally by rice flour,  flowers, petals turmeric powder, geru and some other materials are also used for alpana according to the design.
Because of its religious aspect and cultural believes it is not limited only for the festivals and special occasions now some competitions are also organized by the school colleges and other institutions at various levels. For the competition theme based designs are used to make rangoli. Free hand designs are also appreciated.
Here I present 5 beautiful patterns for competition.
Peacock design
Peacock is very popular for especially for the competition. Peacock itself a symbol of beauty and grace colors of peacock give freshness and royalty and its feather shows joy and peace.

peacock for rangoli

this is a colorful design for rangoli purpose with peacock and lovely hearts

Flower designs
Flowers are very much used for decorative purpose. It is so easy to make and needs less effort to create on floor and looks beautiful.


this rangoli work is very easy and attractive design.



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