Basic Hand Embroidery Stitches

Stitching and sewing has broad history. This work was performing from the Stone Age when the needle was made of bones and thread was made of animal parts or plant.

As the time progresses the art of stitching and sewing also developed and becomes a part of our life. Invention of machines made this easier to perform in comparison to hand sewing. Many types of machines have developed for the sewing and embroidery too, with this, computerization led to revolution in textile field. In presence of machines, handcraft (embroidery and stitching) has its own value. Sewing and stitching is mainly associated with fabrics but also used in other places like shoe making etc.

This skill beautifully used in handicrafts; embroidery work is one of them. Embroidery work applied in the fabrics, clothes and various decorative things.

In the time of modernization and globalization, people have less time for hand embroidery or hand Sewing and stitching. Mostly work are performed by the machines to save time and labor, and because of this hand embroidery work is dying, but in some areas this skill is a base of their livelihood.

There are so many stitches in embroidery. People use many kinds of stitches for making designs some of them are simple but some of them needed extra skill and practice to make them perfect.

Hand embroidery is a traditional work, which goes hand to hand. Certain kinds of stitches are used together to make a beautiful things when kind of stitches are combine to make a certain type of stitching, it call as embroidery work.

Hand embroidery is an art, which needed patience, and practice. It is a creative work and helps you to express your creative ability and give satisfaction and pleasure.

Types of Basic Hand Embroidery Stitches

While there are, many different kinds of stitches used in the hand embroidery among those some types of basic hand embroidery stitches are…………………

basic hand embroidery stitches

Chain stitch

Chain stitch is very easy and attractive stitch to make this bring the needle up at A point and pass the needle down through the same point with forming a loop bring the needle up at the B point.

Peacock design in chain stitch

peacock design in chain stitch

Broken chain stitch

Is formed as similar to the chain stitch needle come up at A and goes down at B with forming a loop needle come up at c point repeat the process for obtaining a chain this appears as broken chain.

Back stitch

Back stitch is similar to the running stitch, to make this stitch first bring needle up at A point and then put the needle down to B point, then bring the needle up at D and come back to the point C put the needle down at this point and pass the needle at E point. Visually it looks like running stitch at surface and at the backside appears like stem stitch.

Sample design in Back Stitch

design in back stitch


Buttonhole stitch is similar to blanket stitch. This stitch commonly   used to form flower. For making this bring the needle up at A and loop the thread around from left to right and take needle through B and bring it out from C.

Butterfly design in buttonhole stitch

butturfly in buttonhole stitch


This stitch used to make border and for filling in desired space of design. Cross-stitch also known as sampler stitch. Bring the needle up at A at bottom line put the needle in at B and out from the C then put needle in  at D  and out from B point and  in at E find an X (cross)repeat the same process for  embroidery.

Herringbone stitch

It appears like cross-stitch. For this needle bring up at A at bottom line down at B top line take needle up at C and Down at bottom line at point D, up at E and repeat the process.

Satin stitch

This stitch is used in filling work. For this stitch, bring needle up at A, goes down at B point and come up from c, and goes down at D point.

French knot

bringing needle up through fabric hold thread with left hand thumb and finger and wind thread twice around the needle and insert needle back of so the  twist lie neatly on the cloth surface.

Bullion knot stitch or rose stitch

This stitch is formed by bringing needle up through fabric at A point hold thread with left hand finger and thumb and wipe thread 4-5 times around the needle and insert needle in B point, twist lie on the surface. Beautiful use of this stitch comes in the form of little roses and many more.

Running stitch

This stitch is very simple and prepares a base for others. Needle come up at a point and then goes down at other point repeat this process in equal distance. In this type of stitching length of stitches is similar the distance between them. It is used for making lines and curves.

Laced running stitch

It is a type of running stitch, which prepare on the running stitch. Make a line of running stitch then pass the thread from these previously formed stitches without pricking the fabric.

Darning stitch

It is a kind of running stitch but in this stitch space between them is lesser then the length of the stitch.


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