Utilize Your Creativity, Work as Art Restorer to save Heritage of the Country

Every country has its own ancient properties such as art creations, idols, painting etc. and wants to keep safe for the long time. Ancient things are the heritage so it should be a live always.  These heritages provide real knowledge of ancient era or any particular culture. Those ancients’ things are costless because once you left never get with lots of money too because they are not available to purchase again in the market.  So it is our duty to keep them safe for long time as possible.

There are numerous such things available in our country too. Our country is full with lots of heritage things while they are disappearing in absent of proper care. But now it is under art restoration department. If you have personal touch with these heritages and want to save them, make your future as art restorer.

Career in Art Restoration

Work Responsibilities of Art Restorers

 Yes art restorer watch these things and keep them safe for long time. He save paintings from being dull and keep them alive in same colour. He clean old idols and save from being damaged with the help of technology and knowledge. Art restorers do specialization in same thing; they keep things alive in same form with micro and scientific methods. Together touch with arts he also has knowledge of chemistry science.

Who May be Art Restorer?

 Student who is art loving and has graduation degree in fine art and chemistry, he is eligible to become art restorer. Some institutions also provide admission after 10+2 with science but who got education with fine art will be preferred. Except degree you can also do diploma or certification program to be an art restorer.

Career Opportunities in Art Restoration (Career in Art Restoration)

 Seeing interests of the government and people towards heritages, employment opportunities are growing highly. There is not too competition like other profession sectors. After being certified or degree holder you may be appointed as Art Restorer in government or private art galleries and museums etc. Many of private sectors organization also maintain art galleries and collection centers so you may get good job there. But demand in government sector is high than private sector in art restoration. If you also want to be an art restorer, bet of luck for your career journey.

Art Restoration Related Institutions

  •  National Museum, New Delhi
  • Annamalai University, Tamilnadu
  • Gandhi Gram Rural Institute, Tamilnadu
  • National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi

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