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deepawali rangoli designs

Rangoli Designs for Deepawali

first of all happy diwali to all of you Photo-0076

Diwali is the festival of lights.one of the most popular and big festival of hindu religion but celebrated by many other religions also.at this day devotee clean their home,decorate with lights and flower rangoli and some other things.

i have some designs with you can use as  rangoli designs you may  also like this tradition which has been passed from many generation.IMG_20150628_130111

Rangoli is very important part of our celebration ,its made with rice flour,geru,waste materials like sand,colours flower etc.

rangoli designs 4

5 Rangoli Designs for Competition

5 Rangoli Designs for Competition

rangoli designs 4
Rangoli is one of the most popular and traditional art forms of India. It becomes important part of Indian culture. Basically it is an art of decorating floor by creating beautiful designs and motifs with various colors. Here floor is your canvas to express your thoughts and feeling with colors. Hence it is also called floor painting. Traditionally rangoli is done by women’s and has religious, cultural values too as it has main purpose of welcoming god.
Designs usually has  some  geometric shapes round, square, spiritual symbols like ohm, swastika, kalas, zodiac signs, gods and human figure etc. most popular designs of rangoli have flower, petals and simple geometrical patterns. Now free hand designs and also popular.
Usually rangoli done by women’s with various materials traditionally by rice flour,  flowers, petals turmeric powder, geru and some other materials are also used for alpana according to the design.
Because of its religious aspect and cultural believes it is not limited only for the festivals and special occasions now some competitions are also organized by the school colleges and other institutions at various levels. For the competition theme based designs are used to make rangoli. Free hand designs are also appreciated.
Here I present 5 beautiful patterns for competition.
Peacock design
Peacock is very popular for especially for the competition. Peacock itself a symbol of beauty and grace colors of peacock give freshness and royalty and its feather shows joy and peace.

peacock for rangoli

this is a colorful design for rangoli purpose with peacock and lovely hearts

Flower designs
Flowers are very much used for decorative purpose. It is so easy to make and needs less effort to create on floor and looks beautiful.


this rangoli work is very easy and attractive design.



Holi- Home Decoration Ideas

Holi- Home Decoration Ideas

Holi is one of the most popular major festivals of India which comes on purnima (full moon day) of phalgun month (feb-march).this year holi will be celebrated on 6th march.
This is the festival of happiness and joy people celebrate holi with great enthusiasm. This festival is celebrated all over India. Before the festival you can see various colors of gulal and abeer in markets and various kind of pichkaries too.
In home women’s start making chips papad, gujhia, mathri, papri etc for family and friends and make sweets and gujhia for relatives.

This is a festival time holi is coming for that people need to decorate home and clean surroundings for welcoming god and bring charm in life. Decorating homes in any festival is very interesting task for all. Here are some simple decorative ideas for home decor. I hope you like them.

These are some wall decoration ideas. You can make some paper cuttings you can give this responsibility to kids they will love it.With these cutting you can make wall beautiful specially for kids room.

Paper Craft Ideas for Wall Decoration

home decore idea


Here some rangoli ideas for floor decoration you can make it in entrance or pooja ghar or in the place of bonfire.

Rangoli Ideas For Floor Decoration


Rangoli Designs

Rangoli Design

Rangoli is very important part of Indian culture. it is an  integral part of any special occasion of life throughout the India. Rangoli is an expression of art through the use of color. Rangoli is a creative way of expressing joy and happiness .it is art of creating beautiful images, designs and motifs on the floor and walls by using different colors and mateirials. While making rangoli any one can use his or her creative skills and express their mood and nature very beautifully on floor. Traditionally women’s make rangoli with rice powder and creat patterns by figure during festivals and special occasion like wedding and mundan etc. rangoli has great relationship with diwali festival, the objective behind rangoli making is to welcome the goddess laxmi.

Rangoli is known by different names in various regions –



South india-kolam

There are some patterns of rangoli, which can be used for making beautiful designs on the floor.

Simple Sangoli Designsimple rangoli

Colorful Rangoli Resign

rangoli (2)

Rangoli Design For Floor


Peacock Rangoli Pattern

rangoli design (2)

Colorful Peacock Rangoli Design


Navratri Rangoli Designs

 Beautiful Navratri Rangoli Designs

Navratri is a very famous festival of Hindu religion. It has been celebrated in whole country. It is equally celebrated in all regions of India. Navratri is dedicated to Ma Durga. It is nine days festival; nine forms of Ma Durga are worshiped during these days. It is religious festive occasion which is celebrated with great enthusiasm. On such occasion people make rangoli outside their home or temples to show their love toward the festival.

There are some designs that will help you to make nice rangoli designs…………….

  Ma Durga Rangoli DesignMa Durga Rangoli Design (2)

This is Navratri Rangoli Designs, its bright and beautiful you can make this easily. It looks very attractive. The image of Ma Durga looks good.

  Ma Shakti Rangoli Designma sakti rangoli design



This rangoli design has face of ma shakti. This rangoli has bright colours and it is simple too beacouse of having some geometrical pattern.it is not only beautiful but it also shows devotion


Perfect Navratri Rangoli Designs


I can say this is a simple and easy design of rangoli for navratri occasion specially. Dia and face of Ma Durga gives very beautiful look to rangoli.

  Easy navratri rangoli designsPhoto-0093


    Rangoli design with geometrical patterns

Rangoli Design with Geometrical Pattern


It is beautiful rangoli design not only for navratri but also suitable for any occasion. It is created with easy geometrical patterns.

   Beautiful design with flower


    Peacock style rangoli pattern


 peacock style rangoli designs

peacock rangoli design looks very good and colours of peacock give attraction and natural feeling. you can make this more natural by using flowers and dias.


i hope you like these designs……….!


Vasantpanchmi Rangoli Design

Vasantpanchmi- day to warship Ma  Saraswati (Goddess of knowledge)

India, known as the land of festivals .when we talk about Indian festivals we cannot forget important one, Vasantpanchmi. Vasantpanchmi is religious festival of Hindu religion’s the name symbolizes it falls in the beginning of the vasant season(ritu) .according to the Hindu calendar this festival is celebrated every year in the magh month or February at the panchmi tithi.

The occasion of is celebrated with the worship of ma Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge, music and art so the festival is also known as Saraswati Puja.

Mythological aspect of Saraswati puja is associated to the Indian poet Kalidas. Kalidas was married to the beautiful princess who thought him as wise man but when she realized him as foolish person, she kicked him out. After this incident, depressed kalidas went to commit suicide in river. Where goddess saraswati emerged from water and asked him to take a dip in the water. After taking dip in holy water,  Kalidas became knowledgeable person and start poetry. Kalidas becomes very popular poet as we know him.


Yellow color plays an important role in the celebration; it is associated with the bloom of mustard flower during this period. It looks like the earth covered with yellow blanket. People wear yellow garments and warship goddess Saraswati and distribute sweets or Prasad. Yellow colour, is also used in decoration of home and temples. The yellow and white colour associated with festival symbolizes the purity, peace and knowledge.

Traditions associated with Vasantpanchmi

  • Saraswati Puja
  • Havans and arti
  • Preparation and distribution of Prasad
  • Wearing yellow garments
  • Kite flying
  • Offering food to Brahmins  and poor peoples
  • Pitra tarpan
  • Special prayers are organized in educational institutions
  • Young children’s  start learning from this day


Vasantpanchmi Rangoli Designs

Rangoli plays an important part in the Indian festivals. Rangoli designs are also prepared to decorate home, temples, and other space. People make rangoli on their home entrance and pujasthal to welcome the goddess.  At this day, Natural colours and materials are used for rangoli but yellow colour has special preference, yellow and white flowers were used in the decoration and Dias for the lighting, as it is a symbol of knowledge.

Rangoli Design Sample

I hope these designs help you in making rangoli to decorate your home.

Shri Krishna Janmashtmi

Krishna Janmashtmi is very important festival of India. The birthday of lord Krishna is celebrated with joy and devotion. Lord Krishna is known as 8th avatar of lord Vishnu. Janmashtmi is celebrated on ashtmi of Krishna paksh (8th day of dark fortnight). According to Hindi calendar we celebrate it in bhadava month (august) and same year this religious festival will be on 28th august.

Shree Krishna and Maa  Yasoda painting

Janmashtmi has great importance in Hindu religion because at this day Krishna was born as human incarnation of lord Vishnu, to free the earth from evil power and to establish dharma. Krishna Janmashtmi is also known as gokulashtmi and Shree Krishna janam ashtmi.

The people observe fast for whole day, All over India the celebration take place at the midnight as the lord Krishna believed to be born and is celebrated with dance songs worship, arty, and rocking the cradle of baby Krishna.

On this day the temples and homes are beautifully decorated. An important part of Janmashtmi decoration is rangoli; on this day people make beautiful rangoli designs on their entrance to welcome the lord Krishna. Designs that are picked to make rangoli on Krishna Janmashtmi are related to the nature. Traditionally rangoli is made from natural colours like turmeric, rice flour, water, and homemade colors are used instead of dyes. People decorate entrance; make foot marks that signify Krishna entering.

Rangoli Designs to Use On Shri Krishna Janmashtmi


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