Embroidery of India – A Brief Focus on Arts of India

Embroidery is art of decorating cloths and other materials with thread needle and different types and shapes of beats and pearls, metal strips and other decorative materials. Embroidery is widely used in India for decoration of fabrics and other materials. Embroidery widely used for decoration of dress materials saris, kurta, cap, and cushions cartons coat blanket sofa covers and it is also used for shoes.

Embroidery work is available with wide range of colors and thread and other materials.  Various stitches are used in this work some of them are chain stitch, blanket stitch or button hole stitch ,cross stitch ,running stitch etc.

Types of Indian Embroidery-

Different types of Indian embroidery show variety of Indian culture and its regional art. Indian embroidery includes regional style of embroidery which varied in motifs of embroidery or designs and pattern or materials. Embroidery has its regional specialty. Indian embroidery is inspired by nature.

Designs and patterns of embroidery are formed on the basis of design and texture of fabrics. In regional embroidery some tradition motifs and stitch are specially used in embroidery work. In Indian embroidery religious motifs are also popular.

  • Embroidery of Punjab and Haryana- Phulkari embroidery.
  • Embroidery of Gujarat- Aari, Pacth work, Mirror work (Banjara Style work)
  • Embroidery of Uttar Pradesh- Chickankari, Zari
  • Embroidery of Rajasthan – Banjara, Gota work
  • Embroidery of Bengal- Kantha
  • Embroidery of Karnataka- Kasuti, Negi
  • Andhra Pradesh- Kamal Kadai
  • Embroidery of Kashmir- Kashida


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