Holi- Home Decoration Ideas

Holi is one of the most popular major festivals of India which comes on purnima (full moon day) of phalgun month (feb-march).this year holi will be celebrated on 6th march.
This is the festival of happiness and joy people celebrate holi with great enthusiasm. This festival is celebrated all over India. Before the festival you can see various colors of gulal and abeer in markets and various kind of pichkaries too.
In home women’s start making chips papad, gujhia, mathri, papri etc for family and friends and make sweets and gujhia for relatives.

This is a festival time holi is coming for that people need to decorate home and clean surroundings for welcoming god and bring charm in life. Decorating homes in any festival is very interesting task for all. Here are some simple decorative ideas for home decor. I hope you like them.

These are some wall decoration ideas. You can make some paper cuttings you can give this responsibility to kids they will love it.With these cutting you can make wall beautiful specially for kids room.

Paper Craft Ideas for Wall Decoration

home decore idea


Here some rangoli ideas for floor decoration you can make it in entrance or pooja ghar or in the place of bonfire.

Rangoli Ideas For Floor Decoration


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