Kantha Embroidery

Kantha embroidery is very popular hand embroidery. It comes from west Bengal. It is very simple and traditional work basically done with running stitch for decorating quilts, dhoties and saries, done by women’s in their leisure time so it may take several days. Traditionally women’s take yarn from the old garments. Now various types of new thread are used for making different patterns on a wide range of garments such as saree, dupatta, shirts, dhoti, kurta etc. Motifs are inspired from the nature like birds, fishes, animals, human, flowers and scenes from day to day life.

kantha work

kantha work

simple design by using running stitch

kantha embroidery

There are 7 traditional stitches.

lep kantha( warm quilt),

sujani kantha( quilt and blankets),

oaar kantha(pillow cover),

rumal kantha(plate covers),

durjani(quilted wallets),

baiton( covering of books) and

archilata kantha (mirror covering).

kantha embroidery design

kantha kantha embroidery motif


embroidery design

kantha design



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