Om Namah Shivay Friends! Om Namah Shivaya is the holy mantra of Lord Shiva (Mahadev). Who chants with faith get free from all problems and feel the nearest of Lord Shiva. Devotism should be part of our life to live peaceful and happy life. We have come on earth not only to do daily worldly activities but also to know own-self, to know God or to do self-realization.

Friends recently I visited a Shiva Temple (Shiv Mandir) in Bangalore. This is a great shiv temple in Bangalore City of Karnataka State. Lord Shiva is present here on the artificial hill in a big Idol form. I never saw before such a big and great statue of Lord Shiva sitting in meditation form. The specialty of this Lord Shiva idol is the shower of holy water from its head. God is sparkling with a Trisul & Damru, Nagraja in neck and moon on the head. This holy form of shiv ji attracts to all devotees and give peace and happiness. There are two artificial cave also which provide you vision of all jyotirlinga and famous Lord shiva places. In the first cave you will many lord Shiva places of whole India including Amarnath Dham. In another cave you will see all twelve jyotirlinga including Kedarnath, Badrinath and Rameshwaram etc. I entered in both of caves and really feels that am in holy cave of God. With Lord shiva statue and caves there is one Lord Ganesha’s idol too. Lord Ganesha is giving grace to all devotees sitting on too high place. When I entered in temple first I see Lord Ganesha and then other places.

lord shiva temple bangalore

A guide to Lord Shiva Temple Bangalore

This Lord Shiva Temple is situated on behind Total Mall, Old Airport Road, Bangalore and managed by RVM foundation. You can not see the temple from road side directly actually it is behind total mall so you need to go from side way of that Mall. On the entrance you need to be in Que as all devotees, here on same place you can buy worship materials ie. agarbatti, bel patra including coconut etc. Going few step ahead you need to take tickets for mobile/camera (photography) and to leave footwear etc. Going few step ahead you will see a Sevika giving 108 metal coins to drop in 108 parts by chanting Om Namah Shivay mantra and one thread. People drop all 108 coins in to parts and finally bind that thread in railing to get rid of any problem from the life. While it is the matter of faith and you will not be bound to do so if you like, you can. Now see the Lord Ganesha Idol and go ahead take Rs.30 ticket to enter in first cave. See many lord shiva places including Shri Amarnath. Exit from first cave and take Rs.20 another ticket to see all twelve jyotirlinga. Exit from second cave and see Great Lord Shiva idol. Go near lord shiva and feel wet in the grace of God. Sit few minutes in in front of Shiva and feel he is within you. Listen already played heart touching bhajans and eternally connect with God.

lord shiva temple

Anyway all these things were unforgettable. Whenever I remember the moment feel very near of Shiva. I request you all any time you visit Bangalore don’t forget to do Darshan of this holy place of God. Om Namah Shivay!!!

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