Organdy Rose Making

 Welcome back friends, Its been long time to share something with you. Today I am going to tell you how to make organdy flower rose which can be used to decorate rooms, houses, offices tables and walls. You know decorative things are too costly to buy in the market but don’t worry You can still decorate your rooms or workstation by hand made crafts.
How to Make Organdy Flower in Easy Steps

Material – Things you need for making these flowers are-

  • Organdy cloth
  • Wire
  • Thread
  • Flower tape
  • Artificial leaves
  • Toothpick /pen refill
  • Scissors

There are few steps of making flower, let’s begin with rose petals.

*  Take a piece of organdy clothes, I choose pink color for rose need to cut in rectangular to make organdy flower rose 0
* Fold the square piece to make a triangle then open and bend both corners to the center fold it again to make this type of shape.
* To give a petal shape use toothpick or pen refill to curve the edges of the petal.
* Similarly make some other petals.
* Take a petal and wrap it around the wire and the it with thread and gather more petals  around it, put a bind after placing each petal once   all petals are arrange, tie these petals with thread now we have done  with the rose to make organdy flower rose 1
* Now cover the thread and wire with the green tape. This will become your stem part. how to make odgandy flower rose
* The organdy rose flower is ready.

Designs For Fabric Painting

Designs For Fabric Painting

Fabric painting is a art of  applying paint on the fabric to enhance the beauty of the cloths and show your creativity.

cloth painting can be done by various techniques and materials. Like to paint with fabric paint and brushes to create my own designs on desired fabric.

start from creating a design on the surface and then for the painting color base with light color then apply dark shades.

always choose brushes according to the designs various numbers of brushes are available depending on  their thickness.


It is very useful to decorate garments and other fabrics  as it looks very beautiful on the fabrics specially on cotton.

You can decorate your home by your own creations by applying fabric paints on table cover cushion covers and bed sheet etc

There are some beautiful designs for fabric painting.


Royal Peacock Design For Fabric Paintingpeacock cloth paintingFabric painting designs

Fabric painting


Cloth Painting


this pic is inspired from a cartoon movie it looks beautiful, you can paint these kind of pic and use to decorate home after framing your creation.

Dancing Peacock For Cloth Painting


hope you like these designs……………………..


Hand embroidery

Hand embroidery

Embroidery is used for decoration purpose on fabric with the help of some material like thread or yarn, needle, frames of different sizes some other materials like metal strip, pearls, beads quills and sequins.


Hand embroidery hand embroidery

It is a hand work on table cover mainly two stitches are used for creating this design on the fabric one chain stitch and other is satin.

Hand embroidery work looks very beautiful and amazing. This kind of embroidery needs some skills and techniques. There are some stitches of embroidery such as chain stitch,satin,back stitch and stem stitch etc  by incorporating these stitches you can make various art pieces and decorate many clothes.

It is used for decorating various types of clothes like saree, suits, coats, caps, blankets, dress, denim bags etc. this decorating art from can be used on various types of fabrics like cotton, chiffon, Georgette and other synthetic fabrics.

Hand Embroidery Work

hand embroidery work

This heart shape embroidery designs done  on pillow cover by cotton thread and chain and satin stitch.



Butterfly designs

Butterfly designs

These are some beautiful butterfly designs. You can these designs for various purposes like embroidery, cloth painting, wall decoration, tattoo etc. it look very pretty on cloths you can draw and paint easily on cotton fabrics or on t shirts and choose bright colors for wing. Colors of butterfly wings give life to it.

simple butterfly designbutterfly design

The design is easy to draw and simple for embroidery whether it is hand or machine embroidery.

Colorful butterfly designbutterfly

You can use designs for fabric painting, tattoo etc.

Holi- Home Decoration Ideas

Holi- Home Decoration Ideas

Holi is one of the most popular major festivals of India which comes on purnima (full moon day) of phalgun month (feb-march).this year holi will be celebrated on 6th march.
This is the festival of happiness and joy people celebrate holi with great enthusiasm. This festival is celebrated all over India. Before the festival you can see various colors of gulal and abeer in markets and various kind of pichkaries too.
In home women’s start making chips papad, gujhia, mathri, papri etc for family and friends and make sweets and gujhia for relatives.

This is a festival time holi is coming for that people need to decorate home and clean surroundings for welcoming god and bring charm in life. Decorating homes in any festival is very interesting task for all. Here are some simple decorative ideas for home decor. I hope you like them.

These are some wall decoration ideas. You can make some paper cuttings you can give this responsibility to kids they will love it.With these cutting you can make wall beautiful specially for kids room.

Paper Craft Ideas for Wall Decoration

home decore idea


Here some rangoli ideas for floor decoration you can make it in entrance or pooja ghar or in the place of bonfire.

Rangoli Ideas For Floor Decoration


Hand Embroidery Patterns

Embroidery Designs- Hand Embroidery Patterns

I have some embroidery patterns for you, hope you like them.hand embroidery can enhance the look of fabric by using your creative skill. These embroidery designs are made by different types of thread and stitches such as this butterfly is created with woolen thread on a hand  towel.It is simple to make and look beautiful on fabric.

Butterfly Embroidery pattern

By using simple back stitch  basically which is used for making quilts, you can make very simple and beautiful motifs like this.

Back Stitch Embroidery

embroidery stitch

Back Stitch Embroidery MotifHere, it is a beautiful peacock embroidery pattern which is made by using cotton thread and chain stitch on cotton fabric for pillow cover.

Peacock Embroidery Motif

hope you like these simple designs………………………..!

Rangoli Designs

Rangoli Design

Rangoli is very important part of Indian culture. it is an  integral part of any special occasion of life throughout the India. Rangoli is an expression of art through the use of color. Rangoli is a creative way of expressing joy and happiness .it is art of creating beautiful images, designs and motifs on the floor and walls by using different colors and mateirials. While making rangoli any one can use his or her creative skills and express their mood and nature very beautifully on floor. Traditionally women’s make rangoli with rice powder and creat patterns by figure during festivals and special occasion like wedding and mundan etc. rangoli has great relationship with diwali festival, the objective behind rangoli making is to welcome the goddess laxmi.

Rangoli is known by different names in various regions –



South india-kolam

There are some patterns of rangoli, which can be used for making beautiful designs on the floor.

Simple Sangoli Designsimple rangoli

Colorful Rangoli Resign

rangoli (2)

Rangoli Design For Floor


Peacock Rangoli Pattern

rangoli design (2)

Colorful Peacock Rangoli Design


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