Simple Embroidery Designs

Simple Embroidery Designs

I want to share some simple embroidery designs, these designs are easy to make. Some of them are small so less time taking, you can make easily by hand or machine. In Embroidery, with needle, some colorful thread and other decorative material anyone can create magic. You can easily use these designs to decorate clothes, bags and pillows etc. Make them with cotton thread by simple stitches like chain stitch, stem stitch and herring bone.

simple hand embroidery design

this design is in heart shape and simple to make you can create this by chain stitch.use this pattern to decorate pillow cover.

easy embroidery pattern

This design  has butterfly and flowers which give this attractive look for embroidery purpose.

bird design for embroidery

you can create this bird very easily and it will good on kids clothes,pillow covers, bags and wherever you want to use this.

simple butterfly patterns for hand embroidery

simple embroidery pattern

Kantha embroidery

Kantha Embroidery

Kantha embroidery is very popular hand embroidery. It comes from west Bengal. It is very simple and traditional work basically done with running stitch for decorating quilts, dhoties and saries, done by women’s in their leisure time so it may take several days. Traditionally women’s take yarn from the old garments. Now various types of new thread are used for making different patterns on a wide range of garments such as saree, dupatta, shirts, dhoti, kurta etc. Motifs are inspired from the nature like birds, fishes, animals, human, flowers and scenes from day to day life.

kantha work

kantha work

simple design by using running stitch

kantha embroidery

There are 7 traditional stitches.

lep kantha( warm quilt),

sujani kantha( quilt and blankets),

oaar kantha(pillow cover),

rumal kantha(plate covers),

durjani(quilted wallets),

baiton( covering of books) and

archilata kantha (mirror covering).

kantha embroidery design

kantha kantha embroidery motif


embroidery design

kantha design



Chikan Embroidery Design

Chikan embroidery

Chikan work or embroidery is also known as chikankari, which is most beautiful and artistic hand work done on variety of fabrics like cotton, muslin, silk and chiffon etc. basically done with white or  light shade thread on light and cool shade garments(muslin and cotton). Originally chickan began as white on white work,it is developed in mugal period and lucknow becomes centre of chilankari work or embroidery. But now it is also created with coloured cotton and silk threads with mukaish, kamdani, badla, kamdani, sequin bead,and mirror work.

Stitches of chikan embroidery








Darzdari or turpai

Ghas patti

Dhania patti

some designs for embroidery work

chikan embroidery designchikan embroidery design (2)

chikan workchikan embroidery design

different types of embroidery motifs


embroidery design

chikankari designchikankari design

chikankari motif

Cloth Painting Designs

Fabric Painting Designs


Fabric painting is very popular and creative way to give new look to a fabric. Most frequently used for decorating bed sheets, pillow covers t-shirt and kurties or kurtas.

  • Before starting painting collect all necessary materials for painting.
  • And always fix the cloth in frame.
  • Draw a design with light pencil, start painting from outline of design.
  • For making shades firstly apply light color for base than dark color.
  • Be careful while selecting brushes for painting they should be according to the design.

Don’t forget iron the fabric after drying (maximum time)

  peacock design for cloth painting

 peacock design


butterfly design for paintingbutterfly

peacock designpeacock

    bird painting peacock designs for painting

Wall Hanging

How to Make Easy Wall Hanging

Wall hangings are decorative things that make home beautiful by using some waste material. you can make a beautiful wall hanging  that will look fabulous with your imaginations.

  • Card board sheet
  • Glue
  • A picture or photo
  • Colored tape
  • Thread
  • Beads
  • Woolenwall hanging
  1.  Take a picture or photo then cut it in desired shape or size.
  2. Cut  the card board in the  photo’s size
  3. Then paste the photo on the card board with the help of glue and cover the edges with coloured tape.
  4. Attach woolen to decorate wall hanging.
  5. For that make some small holes on each corner and in the upper hole put the thread as a loop and in other 3 holes put the thread with beads tie them in the lower end.




Navratri – Fesival of nine nights

Navratri -festival of 9 nights

Navratri is important festival celebrated with great zeal all over India. During this occasion people worship Hindu deity ma durga. It is nine nights festival that’s why it is called navratri,these days are devoted to ma durga or nine swaroops of Ma adishakti, symbol of power and purity. Navratri, great period of devotional sadhna and dhyan and also known as navdurga puja.

Jai mata dèe


Navratri falls five times in a year

  1. vasnta navratri/chaitra navratri
  2. ashadha navratri
  3. sharad navratri
  4. paush/magha navratri


  • Vasanta/chaitra navratri and sarad navratri are more important. chaitra navratri (march-April) is the beginning of New Year according to the Hindu calendar.
  • Sarad navratri is celebrated in the pratipada of the bright fortnight of ashwin month it is celebrated in the beginning of winter season (September -October).
  • First 3 days of navratri is devoted to ma durga, next 3 days to ma lakshmi and last 3 days dedicated to the ma saraswati, goddess of knowledge and wisdom.
  • Navratri is the festival of joy and prosperity, followed by feasting and fasting, havan, puja and dans. People perform arti chant mantras and devi stuti and devoteeies of ma durga or amba eat satvik ahar(food) and  kanya puja farmed last day, mostly have fruits and take food only at night.

During navratri nine forms of navdurga worshiped –

  1. Sailputri
  2. Brahamcharini
  3. Chandraghanta
  4. Kushmanda
  5. Skanda mata
  6. Katyayani
  7. Kaalratri
  8. Mahagauri
  9. Siddhidatri



Navratri Rangoli Designs

 Beautiful Navratri Rangoli Designs

Navratri is a very famous festival of Hindu religion. It has been celebrated in whole country. It is equally celebrated in all regions of India. Navratri is dedicated to Ma Durga. It is nine days festival; nine forms of Ma Durga are worshiped during these days. It is religious festive occasion which is celebrated with great enthusiasm. On such occasion people make rangoli outside their home or temples to show their love toward the festival.

There are some designs that will help you to make nice rangoli designs…………….

  Ma Durga Rangoli DesignMa Durga Rangoli Design (2)

This is Navratri Rangoli Designs, its bright and beautiful you can make this easily. It looks very attractive. The image of Ma Durga looks good.

  Ma Shakti Rangoli Designma sakti rangoli design



This rangoli design has face of ma shakti. This rangoli has bright colours and it is simple too beacouse of having some geometrical is not only beautiful but it also shows devotion


Perfect Navratri Rangoli Designs


I can say this is a simple and easy design of rangoli for navratri occasion specially. Dia and face of Ma Durga gives very beautiful look to rangoli.

  Easy navratri rangoli designsPhoto-0093


    Rangoli design with geometrical patterns

Rangoli Design with Geometrical Pattern


It is beautiful rangoli design not only for navratri but also suitable for any occasion. It is created with easy geometrical patterns.

   Beautiful design with flower


    Peacock style rangoli pattern


 peacock style rangoli designs

peacock rangoli design looks very good and colours of peacock give attraction and natural feeling. you can make this more natural by using flowers and dias.


i hope you like these designs……….!


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