Glass Painting Designs

Glass Painting Designs

Glass painting is an amazing art form. It is a contemporary form of painting ,widely used for decorative purpose .The art of glass painting becoming very popular especially in those people who want to decorate their home with an artistic touch.

This is very beautiful and attractive way to decorate the home. It does not require any special skill it only requires a creative thinking and a little patience. It is easy to do. You can create a beautiful painting with in shorter period of time .this work requires some basic materials like glass piece and paint, paint brushes, paint liner, thinner or nail paint remover and a cloth.

Firstly, you have to select a piece of glass for painting you can select any kind of shape of glass for decorative purpose. However, the flat surface is good for beginning you can utilize these flat surfaces as in wall decoration and as a tray.

When glass and paints comes together with an artistic imagination, create an amazing art piece.

Here are some designs, which you can use for the glass painting.

Glass Painting Designs

cloth painting design


Lord Krishna Birth

 Lord Krishna’s  Birth

Lord  Krishna, god of Hindu religion. He is known as 8th avatar of lord Vishnu who was came on earth for destroy the demons and re-establish the dharma. The day of lord Krishna’s birth is celebrated as religious festival in Hindus known as Krishna Janmashtmi.

Lord Krishna Story

Lord Krishna has various names which are given by the people of Mathura or their devotees as Gopal, Madhava, Kanha, Makhanchor,  Nand lal, Bal Gopal, Mohan etc.

He was born in Mathura about  5000 year ago in dvapar yug, in this period of time, evil powers were increasing day by day and Dharti ma( the earth), unable to bear the burden of evils or sin. She prayed to lord Vishnu then the lord give her the assurance that he will born on the earth to destroy the evil power and to establish dharma.

Kansha was one of those evil powers. He was the king of Mathura rajya (uttar Pradesh), and very cruel ruler, people were terrified with him. One day in the marriage of his sister Devaki with Vasudeva, an akashvani was heard that the 8th son of Devaki would be the destroyer of kansha. The king became afraid and fearful with this voice, which came from the sky and unsealed his sward to kill Devaki.

However, Vasudeva stop him and request to leave them alive and promise to give their child to the king.  After that Kansha, send his sister and Vasudeva in prison.

When Devaki gave birth to the child, Kansha was came in prison and kill the newborn. He kills first six child of Vasudeva. By divine power, seventh womb of Devaki secretly transferred to Rohini. The child was called balram. One day before the birth of 8th child lord Vishnu apparent and said that he was coming to destroy kansha, asked Vasudeva to carry him to Nanda house in Gokul immediately after the birth.

At the mid night in rohini nakshatra Krishna was born and at the same time, a girl child is born in Gokul in Nanda house. Vasudave know that Krishna’s life is in danger so following the instruction he replace the child with Nanda’s child. When the Kansha heard that devaki gave birth to the 8th child he came in prison and tried to kill the baby, then  child escape from his hand ,reaching the sky and transformed  in the yogmaya and told him ‘’what will you get by killing me? Your destroyer was already born somewhere else.’’

kansha send many demons to kill Krishna, but all were defeated. In his youth, Krishna kills the uncle kansha and releases his parents from prison.

Career in Textile Designs

Your Career in Textile Designs

Today we are living in fashion era which opens lots of career opportunities for professionals. There are lots of sectors where we can make our career but Fashion Industry is a highly developing sector. Textile designing is the process of creating designs patterns for knitted, woven or establishments fabrics. In simple word textile designing is the process from raw materials in to finished products. Textiles applies from clothing garments to households like carpets, window shades, furnishings, towels, table covers, bed sheets, pillows and surfaces. Fashion technology is rapidly increasing day by day and it has covered whole world. Means our textiles touch from our daily bears to household things. Seeing high demand and trends of fashion there are numerous options to make career. Both government and private sectors are waiting for skilled professional, are you ready?

career in textile design

 Employment scopes in Textile Designing (Career in Textile Designs)

Career as Textile Designers

We have already discussed on career in textile designs as it is one of the growing sector of employment. Fashion industry has given employment to million of the people in our country. Fashion industry has contributed large number of percentage in annual earning report.

 In textile and fashion industries you may be hired as textile designer. The post of textile designer becomes high and important in the industry. Textile designer plays very important role in manufacturing products on latest trends seeing the need of the market. Textile designer can work in both types of organizations, government or private sector. Time to time many government organizations declare employment notice to recruit textile designer. Except government sector there is high possibility in private companies of being hired as textile designer. A textile designer can work in MNCs and with top level brands. There high level companies provide handsome salary packages.

 There are lots of export companies that may hire you as textile designer. Leaving all if you are not interested with jobs, you may work for your self with your own business setup. Either work as freelancer for various companies. Many instructions also hire textile designer as teacher. So if you don’t like anything be a professional teacher.

  Who is eligible?

First thing you should keep special touch with designing and creativity. In the lack of creativity and excitement with sector you can not perform best. Well there are many institutions and arts, designs colleges which offer degree, diploma and certificate courses. To join degree courses minimum qualification is 10+2. So if you are creative and want to make career in textile design, do any degree, diploma or certificate course and convert your dream in to real.

Related Institutions-

  • National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT)
  • National Institute of Fashion Technology New Delhi
  • National Institute of Fashion Technology Ahmedabad
  • National Institute of Fashion Technology Bhopal
  • National Institute of Fashion Technology Bangalore
  • National Institute of Fashion Technology Hyderabad
  • National Institute of Fashion Technology Mumbai
  • National Institute of Fashion Technology Chennai
  • National Institute of Fashion Technology Kolkata
  • National Institute of Fashion Technology Gandhinagar
  • Government Girls Polytechnique, Lucknow
  • Soft, Pune
  • National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad
  • Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore

Basic Hand Embroidery Stitches

Basic Hand Embroidery Stitches

Stitching and sewing has broad history. This work was performing from the Stone Age when the needle was made of bones and thread was made of animal parts or plant.

As the time progresses the art of stitching and sewing also developed and becomes a part of our life. Invention of machines made this easier to perform in comparison to hand sewing. Many types of machines have developed for the sewing and embroidery too, with this, computerization led to revolution in textile field. In presence of machines, handcraft (embroidery and stitching) has its own value. Sewing and stitching is mainly associated with fabrics but also used in other places like shoe making etc.

This skill beautifully used in handicrafts; embroidery work is one of them. Embroidery work applied in the fabrics, clothes and various decorative things.

In the time of modernization and globalization, people have less time for hand embroidery or hand Sewing and stitching. Mostly work are performed by the machines to save time and labor, and because of this hand embroidery work is dying, but in some areas this skill is a base of their livelihood.

There are so many stitches in embroidery. People use many kinds of stitches for making designs some of them are simple but some of them needed extra skill and practice to make them perfect.

Hand embroidery is a traditional work, which goes hand to hand. Certain kinds of stitches are used together to make a beautiful things when kind of stitches are combine to make a certain type of stitching, it call as embroidery work.

Hand embroidery is an art, which needed patience, and practice. It is a creative work and helps you to express your creative ability and give satisfaction and pleasure.

Types of Basic Hand Embroidery Stitches

While there are, many different kinds of stitches used in the hand embroidery among those some types of basic hand embroidery stitches are…………………

basic hand embroidery stitches

Chain stitch

Chain stitch is very easy and attractive stitch to make this bring the needle up at A point and pass the needle down through the same point with forming a loop bring the needle up at the B point.

Peacock design in chain stitch

peacock design in chain stitch

Broken chain stitch

Is formed as similar to the chain stitch needle come up at A and goes down at B with forming a loop needle come up at c point repeat the process for obtaining a chain this appears as broken chain.

Back stitch

Back stitch is similar to the running stitch, to make this stitch first bring needle up at A point and then put the needle down to B point, then bring the needle up at D and come back to the point C put the needle down at this point and pass the needle at E point. Visually it looks like running stitch at surface and at the backside appears like stem stitch.

Sample design in Back Stitch

design in back stitch


Buttonhole stitch is similar to blanket stitch. This stitch commonly   used to form flower. For making this bring the needle up at A and loop the thread around from left to right and take needle through B and bring it out from C.

Butterfly design in buttonhole stitch

butturfly in buttonhole stitch


This stitch used to make border and for filling in desired space of design. Cross-stitch also known as sampler stitch. Bring the needle up at A at bottom line put the needle in at B and out from the C then put needle in  at D  and out from B point and  in at E find an X (cross)repeat the same process for  embroidery.

Herringbone stitch

It appears like cross-stitch. For this needle bring up at A at bottom line down at B top line take needle up at C and Down at bottom line at point D, up at E and repeat the process.

Satin stitch

This stitch is used in filling work. For this stitch, bring needle up at A, goes down at B point and come up from c, and goes down at D point.

French knot

bringing needle up through fabric hold thread with left hand thumb and finger and wind thread twice around the needle and insert needle back of so the  twist lie neatly on the cloth surface.

Bullion knot stitch or rose stitch

This stitch is formed by bringing needle up through fabric at A point hold thread with left hand finger and thumb and wipe thread 4-5 times around the needle and insert needle in B point, twist lie on the surface. Beautiful use of this stitch comes in the form of little roses and many more.

Running stitch

This stitch is very simple and prepares a base for others. Needle come up at a point and then goes down at other point repeat this process in equal distance. In this type of stitching length of stitches is similar the distance between them. It is used for making lines and curves.

Laced running stitch

It is a type of running stitch, which prepare on the running stitch. Make a line of running stitch then pass the thread from these previously formed stitches without pricking the fabric.

Darning stitch

It is a kind of running stitch but in this stitch space between them is lesser then the length of the stitch.


Vasantpanchmi Rangoli Design

Vasantpanchmi- day to warship Ma  Saraswati (Goddess of knowledge)

India, known as the land of festivals .when we talk about Indian festivals we cannot forget important one, Vasantpanchmi. Vasantpanchmi is religious festival of Hindu religion’s the name symbolizes it falls in the beginning of the vasant season(ritu) .according to the Hindu calendar this festival is celebrated every year in the magh month or February at the panchmi tithi.

The occasion of is celebrated with the worship of ma Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge, music and art so the festival is also known as Saraswati Puja.

Mythological aspect of Saraswati puja is associated to the Indian poet Kalidas. Kalidas was married to the beautiful princess who thought him as wise man but when she realized him as foolish person, she kicked him out. After this incident, depressed kalidas went to commit suicide in river. Where goddess saraswati emerged from water and asked him to take a dip in the water. After taking dip in holy water,  Kalidas became knowledgeable person and start poetry. Kalidas becomes very popular poet as we know him.


Yellow color plays an important role in the celebration; it is associated with the bloom of mustard flower during this period. It looks like the earth covered with yellow blanket. People wear yellow garments and warship goddess Saraswati and distribute sweets or Prasad. Yellow colour, is also used in decoration of home and temples. The yellow and white colour associated with festival symbolizes the purity, peace and knowledge.

Traditions associated with Vasantpanchmi

  • Saraswati Puja
  • Havans and arti
  • Preparation and distribution of Prasad
  • Wearing yellow garments
  • Kite flying
  • Offering food to Brahmins  and poor peoples
  • Pitra tarpan
  • Special prayers are organized in educational institutions
  • Young children’s  start learning from this day


Vasantpanchmi Rangoli Designs

Rangoli plays an important part in the Indian festivals. Rangoli designs are also prepared to decorate home, temples, and other space. People make rangoli on their home entrance and pujasthal to welcome the goddess.  At this day, Natural colours and materials are used for rangoli but yellow colour has special preference, yellow and white flowers were used in the decoration and Dias for the lighting, as it is a symbol of knowledge.

Rangoli Design Sample

I hope these designs help you in making rangoli to decorate your home.

Career in Art Restoration

Utilize Your Creativity, Work as Art Restorer to save Heritage of the Country

Every country has its own ancient properties such as art creations, idols, painting etc. and wants to keep safe for the long time. Ancient things are the heritage so it should be a live always.  These heritages provide real knowledge of ancient era or any particular culture. Those ancients’ things are costless because once you left never get with lots of money too because they are not available to purchase again in the market.  So it is our duty to keep them safe for long time as possible.

There are numerous such things available in our country too. Our country is full with lots of heritage things while they are disappearing in absent of proper care. But now it is under art restoration department. If you have personal touch with these heritages and want to save them, make your future as art restorer.

Career in Art Restoration

Work Responsibilities of Art Restorers

 Yes art restorer watch these things and keep them safe for long time. He save paintings from being dull and keep them alive in same colour. He clean old idols and save from being damaged with the help of technology and knowledge. Art restorers do specialization in same thing; they keep things alive in same form with micro and scientific methods. Together touch with arts he also has knowledge of chemistry science.

Who May be Art Restorer?

 Student who is art loving and has graduation degree in fine art and chemistry, he is eligible to become art restorer. Some institutions also provide admission after 10+2 with science but who got education with fine art will be preferred. Except degree you can also do diploma or certification program to be an art restorer.

Career Opportunities in Art Restoration (Career in Art Restoration)

 Seeing interests of the government and people towards heritages, employment opportunities are growing highly. There is not too competition like other profession sectors. After being certified or degree holder you may be appointed as Art Restorer in government or private art galleries and museums etc. Many of private sectors organization also maintain art galleries and collection centers so you may get good job there. But demand in government sector is high than private sector in art restoration. If you also want to be an art restorer, bet of luck for your career journey.

Art Restoration Related Institutions

  •  National Museum, New Delhi
  • Annamalai University, Tamilnadu
  • Gandhi Gram Rural Institute, Tamilnadu
  • National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi

Career in Fashion Designing

Make Career in Fashion Designing, Keep Remain Your Hobby plus Get Handsome Money

Today most of the youth special girls have passion to make career in fashion designing. The scope of career in fashion designing is increasing day by day that is why because we are living in the age of fashion. Here everything has linked with fashion, it relates with our day to night lifestyles. Seeing the demand of the world, moving in fashion industry is not a bad idea. Today fashion industry has become major part of revenue source.

Before it was in foreign countries but now it is also growing rapidly in India. Fashion industry has given employment to more than 2 crore of the people in India. According a survey, fashion industry gives 34% share to export sector and 25% share to Indian Economy.  So fashion sector has high opportunity of employment in coming years.

Seeing high development in fashion sector, want of designing professional may increase up to 10 lakhs. Designing professionals may be as garment manufacturer, garment designer, embroidery designer and tailors. Fashion Design industry will not be only beneficial for big export companies but also will be an advantage to local level.

career in fashion designing

Opportunities of Employment in Fashion Designing

Seeing so much demand of the market and career options numerous youth are jumping for it. After getting degree, diploma and certificates in fashion designing industry you may work as-

  • Fashion Designer
  • Fashion coordinator
  • Fashion Merchandiser
  • Fashion Designing Teacher
  • Fashion Journalist


Fashion Designer has most important role in fashion industry. The post of fashion designer is considered high in the sector. If you are more creative and artist, you may be suitable as fashion designer. They work for garment designing, dress designing in big brand companies. Many big brand and high companies provide handsome salary package to fashion designers.

Working as Fashion Coordinator is also good career in industry. The work responsibility of fashion coordinator is to update company with latest trends. A fashion coordinator discuss with company regarding current updates in fashion industry. So that company can provide products similar to demand.

Fashion Merchandiser is the middle between producer and consumer. The work responsibilities of Fashion Merchandiser is more, he watch the market need and ask producer to produce the same thing. Merchandiser does survey and study market then get produced same things. So he plays very important role in sector. He has to keep knowledge of marketing together fashion technology.

As a fashion designer teacher you can teach fashion designing in college and institutions. Teaching is always best career option. Together money teacher also get more respect than other professionals. Many institutions/organizations are waiting for good faculty staffs.

Working with press media you can work as fashion journalist and get money plus fame. There many famous and top magazines news papers who need good fashion writer/journalist. So if you have good writing skill with knowledge of fashion industry, definitely you can make future as fashion journalist.

Except all above career options in fashion designing, you can work for yourself too. You can setup your own boutique or business and earn big money. Business is always better than job but it is up to you what suits you better. Well best of luck for making career in fashion designing.


Related Institutions & Training Centers

  • National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi
  • NIFT Chenatha Bhavan, Naampalli, Haiderabad
  • NIFT Gandhinagar, Gujarat
  • NIFT Chennai
  • NIFT Kolkata
  • National Institute of Fashion Design Paldi Ahamdabad
  • NIFT Mumbai
  • NIFT Bangalore



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