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Rangoli is very important part of Indian culture. it is an  integral part of any special occasion of life throughout the India. Rangoli is an expression of art through the use of color. Rangoli is a creative way of expressing joy and happiness .it is art of creating beautiful images, designs and motifs on the floor and walls by using different colors and mateirials. While making rangoli any one can use his or her creative skills and express their mood and nature very beautifully on floor. Traditionally women’s make rangoli with rice powder and creat patterns by figure during festivals and special occasion like wedding and mundan etc. rangoli has great relationship with diwali festival, the objective behind rangoli making is to welcome the goddess laxmi.

Rangoli is known by different names in various regions –



South india-kolam

There are some patterns of rangoli, which can be used for making beautiful designs on the floor.

Simple Sangoli Designsimple rangoli

Colorful Rangoli Resign

rangoli (2)

Rangoli Design For Floor


Peacock Rangoli Pattern

rangoli design (2)

Colorful Peacock Rangoli Design


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