5 Beautiful Butterfly Designs

5 Beautiful Butterfly Designs

Butterfly designs are very popular in decorative art. This insect is really beautiful and true Representative of life.
Butterflies have colorful and attractive wings which make these insect beautiful.
From the period of time it has been used for the decorative purpose, butterfly image and designs used for wall,sealing  and floor decoration of  different palaces like home and temples,various types of butterfly designs also used for jewelery and embroidery designs.
Today butterfly designs are very popular for various decorative art works it is used for embroidery,tattoo,jewelry,painting and wallpapers etc.
I have some butterfly designs which you can use for various decorative works.
hope you like these designs…………….

Butterfly Tattoo Design

butterfly tattoo designs

tattoo work is popular in these days,specially girls like butterfly designs for tattoo.
Simple Butterfly Design For Embroidery

butterfly This is suitable for embroidery work
Butterfly Image For Cloth Painting

beautiful butterfly image

Butterfly Design
simple bitterfly

Butterfly designs

Butterfly designs

These are some beautiful butterfly designs. You can these designs for various purposes like embroidery, cloth painting, wall decoration, tattoo etc. it look very pretty on cloths you can draw and paint easily on cotton fabrics or on t shirts and choose bright colors for wing. Colors of butterfly wings give life to it.

simple butterfly designbutterfly design

The design is easy to draw and simple for embroidery whether it is hand or machine embroidery.

Colorful butterfly designbutterfly

You can use designs for fabric painting, tattoo etc.