Deepawali- the festival of lights

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We are celebrating many festivals throughout the year, every month comes with a new festivals like holi, diwali, eid, ramjan, navratri and many more.

Now the coming one is diwali, the festival of lights. Light means purity, devotion, happiness faith love and knowledge.

Deepawali is the great and very religious festival of India. It is very important occasion of Hindu culture. This celebration held on winter season during the month of October to the November. This festival is celebrated with the joy and happiness in every state of India. In this day lord Ram return to ayodhya after killing the  demon king Ravan, people of ayodhya light up the city with diyas(lamps) to welcome the return of the load Ram.

  • Deepawali festival begins from the day of dhanteras, thirteenth lunar day of krishnapaksha of Hindu calendar in the month of ashwin. On this day people buy some gold and utensils, hence the name ‘dhana’. This day is celebrated as the birthday of Dhanmantri (a vaidya or physician of devas).
  • Second day is celebrated as the narak chaturdashi 14th day of Krishna paksha of ashwin month. Narak chaturdasi, which is the day killing the demon narakasur by Lord Krishna and his wife satyabhama.
  • Third day, the dipawali, the day of amavasya. Real celebration is held on this day , godess lakshmi godess of welth and lord ganesha,lord of knowledge  are  worshiped by his devotees. at the night houses and temples are decorated by the rangoli and rows of dias or candles and flowers.

                 rangoli design for diwaliPhoto-0089

  • Fourth day bali pratipada or goverdhanpuja
  • Fifth day is celebrated the baiduj (bhaubeej) celebrated on the second lunar day of sukla paksha of hindu calendar month of kartik.