Hand embroidery

Hand embroidery

Embroidery is used for decoration purpose on fabric with the help of some material like thread or yarn, needle, frames of different sizes some other materials like metal strip, pearls, beads quills and sequins.


Hand embroidery hand embroidery

It is a hand work on table cover mainly two stitches are used for creating this design on the fabric one chain stitch and other is satin.

Hand embroidery work looks very beautiful and amazing. This kind of embroidery needs some skills and techniques. There are some stitches of embroidery such as chain stitch,satin,back stitch and stem stitch etc  by incorporating these stitches you can make various art pieces and decorate many clothes.

It is used for decorating various types of clothes like saree, suits, coats, caps, blankets, dress, denim bags etc. this decorating art from can be used on various types of fabrics like cotton, chiffon, Georgette and other synthetic fabrics.

Hand Embroidery Work

hand embroidery work

This heart shape embroidery designs done  on pillow cover by cotton thread and chain and satin stitch.



Chikan Embroidery Design

Chikan embroidery

Chikan work or embroidery is also known as chikankari, which is most beautiful and artistic hand work done on variety of fabrics like cotton, muslin, silk and chiffon etc. basically done with white or  light shade thread on light and cool shade garments(muslin and cotton). Originally chickan began as white on white work,it is developed in mugal period and lucknow becomes centre of chilankari work or embroidery. But now it is also created with coloured cotton and silk threads with mukaish, kamdani, badla, kamdani, sequin bead,and mirror work.

Stitches of chikan embroidery








Darzdari or turpai

Ghas patti

Dhania patti

some designs for embroidery work

chikan embroidery designchikan embroidery design (2)

chikan workchikan embroidery design

different types of embroidery motifs


embroidery design

chikankari designchikankari design

chikankari motif