Organdy Rose Making

 Welcome back friends, Its been long time to share something with you. Today I am going to tell you how to make organdy flower rose which can be used to decorate rooms, houses, offices tables and walls. You know decorative things are too costly to buy in the market but don’t worry You can still decorate your rooms or workstation by hand made crafts.
How to Make Organdy Flower in Easy Steps

Material – Things you need for making these flowers are-

  • Organdy cloth
  • Wire
  • Thread
  • Flower tape
  • Artificial leaves
  • Toothpick /pen refill
  • Scissors

There are few steps of making flower, let’s begin with rose petals.

*  Take a piece of organdy clothes, I choose pink color for rose need to cut in rectangular to make organdy flower rose 0
* Fold the square piece to make a triangle then open and bend both corners to the center fold it again to make this type of shape.
* To give a petal shape use toothpick or pen refill to curve the edges of the petal.
* Similarly make some other petals.
* Take a petal and wrap it around the wire and the it with thread and gather more petals  around it, put a bind after placing each petal once   all petals are arrange, tie these petals with thread now we have done  with the rose to make organdy flower rose 1
* Now cover the thread and wire with the green tape. This will become your stem part. how to make odgandy flower rose
* The organdy rose flower is ready.