Shri Krishna Janmashtmi

Krishna Janmashtmi is very important festival of India. The birthday of lord Krishna is celebrated with joy and devotion. Lord Krishna is known as 8th avatar of lord Vishnu. Janmashtmi is celebrated on ashtmi of Krishna paksh (8th day of dark fortnight). According to Hindi calendar we celebrate it in bhadava month (august) and same year this religious festival will be on 28th august.

Shree Krishna and Maa  Yasoda painting

Janmashtmi has great importance in Hindu religion because at this day Krishna was born as human incarnation of lord Vishnu, to free the earth from evil power and to establish dharma. Krishna Janmashtmi is also known as gokulashtmi and Shree Krishna janam ashtmi.

The people observe fast for whole day, All over India the celebration take place at the midnight as the lord Krishna believed to be born and is celebrated with dance songs worship, arty, and rocking the cradle of baby Krishna.

On this day the temples and homes are beautifully decorated. An important part of Janmashtmi decoration is rangoli; on this day people make beautiful rangoli designs on their entrance to welcome the lord Krishna. Designs that are picked to make rangoli on Krishna Janmashtmi are related to the nature. Traditionally rangoli is made from natural colours like turmeric, rice flour, water, and homemade colors are used instead of dyes. People decorate entrance; make foot marks that signify Krishna entering.

Rangoli Designs to Use On Shri Krishna Janmashtmi