Lord Krishna Birth

 Lord Krishna’s  Birth

Lord  Krishna, god of Hindu religion. He is known as 8th avatar of lord Vishnu who was came on earth for destroy the demons and re-establish the dharma. The day of lord Krishna’s birth is celebrated as religious festival in Hindus known as Krishna Janmashtmi.

Lord Krishna Story

Lord Krishna has various names which are given by the people of Mathura or their devotees as Gopal, Madhava, Kanha, Makhanchor,  Nand lal, Bal Gopal, Mohan etc.

He was born in Mathura about  5000 year ago in dvapar yug, in this period of time, evil powers were increasing day by day and Dharti ma( the earth), unable to bear the burden of evils or sin. She prayed to lord Vishnu then the lord give her the assurance that he will born on the earth to destroy the evil power and to establish dharma.

Kansha was one of those evil powers. He was the king of Mathura rajya (uttar Pradesh), and very cruel ruler, people were terrified with him. One day in the marriage of his sister Devaki with Vasudeva, an akashvani was heard that the 8th son of Devaki would be the destroyer of kansha. The king became afraid and fearful with this voice, which came from the sky and unsealed his sward to kill Devaki.

However, Vasudeva stop him and request to leave them alive and promise to give their child to the king.  After that Kansha, send his sister and Vasudeva in prison.

When Devaki gave birth to the child, Kansha was came in prison and kill the newborn. He kills first six child of Vasudeva. By divine power, seventh womb of Devaki secretly transferred to Rohini. The child was called balram. One day before the birth of 8th child lord Vishnu apparent and said that he was coming to destroy kansha, asked Vasudeva to carry him to Nanda house in Gokul immediately after the birth.

At the mid night in rohini nakshatra Krishna was born and at the same time, a girl child is born in Gokul in Nanda house. Vasudave know that Krishna’s life is in danger so following the instruction he replace the child with Nanda’s child. When the Kansha heard that devaki gave birth to the 8th child he came in prison and tried to kill the baby, then  child escape from his hand ,reaching the sky and transformed  in the yogmaya and told him ‘’what will you get by killing me? Your destroyer was already born somewhere else.’’

kansha send many demons to kill Krishna, but all were defeated. In his youth, Krishna kills the uncle kansha and releases his parents from prison.

Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna one of the known Hindu god. He is  8th human incarnation of lord Vishnu. The word “Krishna” is a Sanskrit word (origin of language) which means black; it is a 57th name of lord Vishnu according to the Vishnu sahasranama.

According to the name, Krishna is often depicted in murtis and picture in black or blue skin. Lord Krishna has various names which are given by the people of Mathura or their devotees as Gopal, Madhava, Kanha, Makhanchor,  Nand lal, Bal Gopal, Mohan etc.

Lord Krishna Sitting On The Branch Of A Tree.

Little Krishna Image

Krishna is easily recognize by his beautiful appearance as his skin shows in pictures and murtis in blue and black colour wearing yellow colour dhoti and peacock feather crown on head with playing flute.

Whenever you see the lord Krishna, in any form like in portrait sculpture, painting and picture every time you feel connected with him. He always looks beautiful. In many pictures, you can see the lord in tribhanga posture means standing with one leg bent in front of the other with playing flute raised up to his lips.