Om a Spiritual Symbol

Om a spiritual symbol of Hindu dharma and has great importance in the culture. Om is the mantra of prayer. If repeated with correct intonation it can resonate throughout the body so that sound penetrates the atma or soul. Om represents both the nirguna and saguna aspect of god. aa,au and ma combines together to form the sound of  aum or om.

Om is believed to be the basic sound of the world and contains all sounds of universe. In Hindu culture Om is written on the tongue of newborn with honey. Om is the symbol of life, spirituality, and divine thing that connect the child to the God. People wear Om as a pendent and in the modern time people also makes tattoos of this symbol. Symbol of Om is also used in the various places for the good beginning. Sometime it may found on the head or top of the notebook of students, record book of business, temples.  It is also used many religious celebrations as a symbol of purity and peace. OM

It helps in meditation, chanting the mantra Om bring ourselves in vibrating that attune sympathy with cosmic vibrations, we start thinking universally. In the silence with chanting Om, single thought Om quenched there is no thought comes in mind. Sound of Om makes atmosphere pure and divine. It helps in meditation.

Its daily enchantment makes people to feel relax. It help against the stress and beneficial for the blood pressure patients. It gives calm and peace of mind. Om is the sound that helps in the development of brainpower or capacity. It increases our concentration power.

Om or aum consist 3 cuves with semicircle and dot which denotes 3 divisions of time. The large bottom curve shows the waking state (A), middle curve shows dream state (U). The upper curve represents the state of deep sleep (M) and dot is the fourth state of consciousness, turiya, upper semicircle represents maya.