Peacock Designs For Fabric Painting

Peacock Designs For Cloth Painting

peacock is very beautiful bird which always used for the decorative symbols.colors of this bird are so attractive, gives beauty to any designs and motifs inspired by peacock. it is  a royal bird.lord Krishna loves peacock and has a peacock feather in his crown.which looks very beautiful.

peacock designs are very popular for various art and decorative is used for cloth painting, mehndi designs,embroidery designs and rangoli etc.

Royal peacock design for cloth painting


this design is very attractive as i feel,it is one of mine best design so i want to share it again hope you also like this royal peacock.


peacock design for fabric painting

peacock design its design is suitable for painting.this design also has royal beauty.

beautiful peacock-bird design for cloth painting

beautiful bird peacock

peacock design for painting

 300620133627this design looks beautiful because of its feathers.these feathers gives grace and beauty to it and colors gives life to the bird.peacock is one of the most beautiful creation of god and surely a symbol of beauty royalty and life.

Glass Painting Designs

Glass Painting Designs

Glass painting is an amazing art form. It is a contemporary form of painting ,widely used for decorative purpose .The art of glass painting becoming very popular especially in those people who want to decorate their home with an artistic touch.

This is very beautiful and attractive way to decorate the home. It does not require any special skill it only requires a creative thinking and a little patience. It is easy to do. You can create a beautiful painting with in shorter period of time .this work requires some basic materials like glass piece and paint, paint brushes, paint liner, thinner or nail paint remover and a cloth.

Firstly, you have to select a piece of glass for painting you can select any kind of shape of glass for decorative purpose. However, the flat surface is good for beginning you can utilize these flat surfaces as in wall decoration and as a tray.

When glass and paints comes together with an artistic imagination, create an amazing art piece.

Here are some designs, which you can use for the glass painting.

Glass Painting Designs

cloth painting design


Peacock Embroidery Design

Peacock Embroidery Design

Peacock looks very beautiful because of its colorful appearance. Peacock feathers increase their beauty. Natures beautiful creation is this amazing bird. With the use of embroidery, you can bring the beauty of peacock on your dresses. Here it is peacock embroidery design that is created differently from natural peacock; it only has an appearance like a peacock. It has beautiful feathers, which may look pretty on embroidery. For this peacock embroidery design you can use thread of your choice like cotton or synthetic one and here you can use other things such as beads of small sizes or small glass of round shape, you can put them on the circle of feathers.

Peacock Embroidery Design