Free Hand Embroidery Design For Kurti

Beautiful Hand Embroidery Design For Kurties

It is good to choose small designs for hand embroidery design for kurties. If you want to make a single design, you can choose a big design that covers a big area, these designs looks beautiful on front as well as on back too.

Hand embroidery is a beautiful artwork, to decorate fabric and other things. This artwork is especially popular in women. Women’s mostly do hand embroidery to decorate their home by preparing some beautiful things like those that cushion covers, bed sheet table cover, t.v. covers etc.

In some areas or culture, it is necessary to have knowledge about hand stitches for household use.

It is really a useful skill for women’s, they can use hand embroidery to create beauty in the fabrics they can design the garment according to their choice and interest.  You can give a new look to your dress like Kurties.

If you are searching free hand embroidery designs for kurties.

There are some beautiful designs, you can use these designs for embroidery and  fabric painting.

Embroidery Design for Kurti

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Peacock Designs for Embroidery

Peacock Designs for Embroidery

If you are searching for peacock designs for embroidery purpose, here are some beautiful peacock designs. These designs are beautiful and look better on embroidery. You can put these designs on your dresses, cushions, table covers, bags and clutches with variety of decorative and embroidery threads and you can use some other decorative things like beads and shells etc. peacock is a very beautiful bird and always look graceful, it is colourful creation of nature true representative of nature’s beauty.

Here are some beautiful peacock designs for embroidery,hope you like them……………

Peacock Embroidery Design With Flowers