Hand Embroidery Patterns

Embroidery Designs- Hand Embroidery Patterns

I have some embroidery patterns for you, hope you like them.hand embroidery can enhance the look of fabric by using your creative skill. These embroidery designs are made by different types of thread and stitches such as this butterfly is created with woolen thread on a hand  towel.It is simple to make and look beautiful on fabric.

Butterfly Embroidery pattern

By using simple back stitch  basically which is used for making quilts, you can make very simple and beautiful motifs like this.

Back Stitch Embroidery

embroidery stitch

Back Stitch Embroidery MotifHere, it is a beautiful peacock embroidery pattern which is made by using cotton thread and chain stitch on cotton fabric for pillow cover.

Peacock Embroidery Motif

hope you like these simple designs………………………..!

Simple Embroidery Designs

Simple Embroidery Designs

I want to share some simple embroidery designs, these designs are easy to make. Some of them are small so less time taking, you can make easily by hand or machine. In Embroidery, with needle, some colorful thread and other decorative material anyone can create magic. You can easily use these designs to decorate clothes, bags and pillows etc. Make them with cotton thread by simple stitches like chain stitch, stem stitch and herring bone.

simple hand embroidery design

this design is in heart shape and simple to make you can create this by chain stitch.use this pattern to decorate pillow cover.

easy embroidery pattern

This design  has butterfly and flowers which give this attractive look for embroidery purpose.

bird design for embroidery

you can create this bird very easily and it will good on kids clothes,pillow covers, bags and wherever you want to use this.

simple butterfly patterns for hand embroidery

simple embroidery pattern