Ganesha Chaturthi

Ganesha chaturthi is very important and religious festival of hindu is a celebration of lord Ganesha’s birth. Ganesh chaturthi is also known as “vinayak chaturthi’’ or “ vinayak chavithi’’. it is celebrated during the Hindu month bhadrapada (mid august to mid September) it last for 10 days and ending on the day of “Anant Chaturdashi’’.

On this festival, idols of lord Ganesha worshiped by the devotees. It is celebrated as the presence of lord Ganesha on earth during this festival period.

Ganesha Chaturthi

Ganesha is widely worshiped as the god of wisdom, prosperity and good fortune. In Hindu culture, Ganesha traditionally worshiped at the beginning of any good or new venture and at the start of travel.

Ganesha,son of lord Shankara and goddess Parvati. Ganesha is created by the Parvati, she created a idol of a boy with sandalwood that she use for bath and breathed life in to the idol.

Ganesha chaturthi is widely celebrated all over the India, it has great value in Maharashtra. At this day houses, work places, temples, and pandals are decorated with flowers, rangoli banana leafs and lightning Dias or candles and make the rangoli (chaukpuran).

At this day people, worship Lord Ganesha by chanting mantras they perform aarti and make rangoli on entrances of temple or home and offer some sweat specially modak and laddoos to Ganesha.