Are you using your electric kettle for boiling water only? A good electric kettle is not only used for boiling water but there are some surprising ways of using it for different purposes. You can easily make quick beverages or instant noodles or many more things within a few minutes.

There are some amazing things you can do with your kettle;

Generally electric kettles are used for making tea or coffee. You just have to pour required water in the kettle and let it boil. In the next step you will pour boiled water in your favourite mug and add tea or coffee, and your drink is ready. But have you ever thought of using your kettle for making hot chocolate shakes? If not, you can do it with your electric kettle.

A hot bowl of favourite soup always brings satisfaction to everyone. If you are too hungry, and want something instant and delicious for you then an electric kettle is an excellent appliance for you. You can make soup by pouring water, veggies and some spices into the kettle. It will only takes two minute to serve

An electric kettle is also used for warming baby bottles. Electric kettle comes with a temperature setting feature so it will not let your bottle to over-heat and you don’t require to double check the temperature.

An electric kettle is also a good appliance for making noodles. It is an excellent option to satisfy your late night carvings. However it is a best kitchen appliance for hostel students and those who are staying far from the home. To prepare noodles, you have to pour a required amount of water, wait for a minute to reach the water at boiling temperature, next step is to add noodles and after a few seconds it is ready.

Apart from boiling, cooking and making hot drinks, it can also be used for spa treatment. An electric kettle is not just for boiling and cooking but it is also good at providing beauty treatment. You can use it for face steaming, soaking feet and steaming your hair. Don’t directly take treatment, and don’t use hot water try to make it Lukewarm. 

So these are some interesting things you can do with your electric kettle, however you can also use it for other alternative uses and use your kettle at fullest.