Induction cooktop pro cons

Know Pros and Cons of an Induction Cooktop

Induction cooktop have replaced LPG Gas stoves and provide efficient and fast cooking. Before getting into the topic, first of all you have to understand how it works? So basically, […]

electric kettles uses

Know How Useful is an Electric Kettle in Our Daily Life

Kettles are an important part of our daily busy lifestyle. However our traditional steam kettles are replaced with modern electric kettles. These kettles are highly efficient and provide fast results. […]

disadvantage of air fryer

What are the disadvantages of Air fryers

Air fryers are the best alternative for traditional deep oil frying. However, deep fried or light fried foods are associated with the high risk of heart diseases, fat, blood pressure […]

Is air fryer cooking healthy

Is Air Fryer Cooking healthy?

An air Fryer is a modern cooking appliance, it is used for cooking food with less oil. Along with low consumption of oil, also helps to provide you with healthy […]