You simply do not ignore the bad quality of air in the atmosphere. Rise of air pollution in India has increased the need for Best Air Purifiers in India. Air purifier tends to clean the air and makes it pollutant free and safe. Need for a best air purifier makes more sense when the quality of air is at an alarming level. 

Most of the cities in India have the worst air quality. Thus, it could lead to high respiratory disorders, allergies and provide bad impact on your health. Therefore, having an air purifier at home will lower down the risk. 

What is air Purifier

There are a variety of air purifiers available in the market, to make a good choice. But a good air is that which helps to take care of bad pollutants including micro-pollutants as well. Additionally it should simply clean the air with few clicks. 

Well, outer air is polluted and contains harmful chemical particles and impurities but indoor air is no less harmful than outdoor air. So before selecting one, look upon the features, filter, room size, noise level, wattage, etc. So that you will bring an excellent air purifier at home.

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List of 6 best Air Purifiers in India

S. No.Product name Room sizeWarrantyWhere to buy
1.Philips AC1215/20 Air PurifierStandard size 2+3 year extended warrantyCheck price
2.Mi Air Purifier 3 with HEPA Filter and Smart App connectivity Area up to 484sqft. 1 year warrantyCheck price
3.Sharp air purifiers for homes & offices/Dual purificationStandard room size. 200 sqft.1 YearCheck price
4.Honeywell HAC25M1201W 53-Watt Air Purifier For Room30 sq.m coverage area1 year warrantyCheck price
5.Coway Sleek Pro Professional Air Purifier355 sqft/33 sq.m coverage area5 years on motor and 1 year on productCheck price

Philips AC1215/20 Air Purifier

It is an excellent air purifier in India by a world’s leading brand Philips. This purifier eliminates 99.97% of air pollutants and airborne particles present in the air.  It is best for bedrooms or living rooms. This air purifier comes with fantastic features such as Night Sense Auto mode. This feature ensures to monitor the quality of air at night. Plus it also minimizes the noise for better sleep. 

Moreover, its nano protect HEPA filter ensures the efficiency and prevents formation of airborne contaminants. In Addition the VitaShield Intelligent purification senses the quality of air to boost clean quality of air 270m3/hours. It purifies the air of a standard size room in just 12 minutes. 

It purifies the air through four stage purification methods such as pre filter, activated carbon filter & double layered H13 Grade TRUE HEPA Filter. It removes 99.90% bad pollutants and makes air fresh and pure.

Philips AC1215/20 Air Purifier

philips best air purifiers

The Good

  • 100% Ozone Free
  • Natural air filtration process.
  • Approved by WHO.
  • 4 stage purification.
  • User friendly.

The Bad

  • HEPA filters can’t be cleaned with water.

Mi Air Purifier 3 with HEPA Filter and Smart App Connectivity

Mi air Purifier comes with smart features and HEPA Filter.  It has two modes with Alexa or without Alexa Echo Dot Technology. Thus it could be controlled by simply using a smart remote feature in your smartphone. It consumes less energy. Therefore it is energy efficient. 

Its true HEPA filter with high filtration technology will efficiently remove 99.97% air pollen, dust, mites, germs, bacteria and particles up to 0.3 microns. The OLED feature will show real time air quality, temperature and humidity in a room all the time. 

It purifies air and allows you to intake fresh and clean and odor-free air. Laser particle sensors help to detect the micro particles and thereby clean it immediately. It can purify a room as big as 37 sq. meters within 10 minutes.

It has a three layer purification technique to provide standard results. And the best part of this air purifier is that it will automatically adjust the brightness according to light in the room and provide fresh air from all sides.

Mi Air Purifier 3

MI best air purifiers in India

The Good

  • Operates silently.
  • Wi-Fi enables air purifiers.
  • Night mode.
  • Budget friendly.

The Bad

  • Consume much energy.

Sharp Air Purifier for Homes and Offices

Sharp air purifier is a compact device by a well-known Japanese brand. This Purifier is one of best air purifiers in India. It is built with advanced Japanese technologies. The Dual purification works in two modes.

 It has inbuilt with Plasmacluster technology which purifies indoor air through three passive filters Highest Grade H14 HEPA Filter, Voluminous Granular Active Carbon Filter and a Pre-Filter that purifies the air with its unique 20 degree airflow to cover the entire area. 

Moreover, the elegant and tower designed purifiers will surely match with your interior and provide a classy look. It is designed in Japan to ensure the looks of your bedroom or living room. 

This air purifier is highly efficient as it provides superior purified fresh air all the time. This is suitable for 200 square feet space without any interruption. 

Sharp air purifiers provide best in class features with the highest grade of ABS plastic body. Its HAZE function is especially designed for Indian atmosphere and air quality. In Addition it also has Auto- restart, auto, manual mode, dust and odor sensor, adjustable noise level, etc. Hence, it is an ideal piece for your home.

Sharp Air Purifier

Sharp air purifier

The Good

  • Latest features.
  • Effective air purifier for home and offices.
  • Nice look and sleek design.
  • Energy efficient.

The Bad

  • Don’t provide warranty.

Honeywell HAC25M1201W 53-Watt Air Purifier for Room

Honeywell air purifier is an indoor air purifier in India. It is an air touch purifier by Honeywell. It is an efficient purifier for home. It can cover up to 30 sq.m area of a room with 2.74m height. Thus it could be ideal for living room or bed room. 

Its advanced purification system helps to remove all pollutants from the air including micro particles and makes air 99.9% pure. It has washable pre-filter that prevents larger particles like hair, soil, dander mites, etc. It also helps to improve the efficiency of HEPA filters. 

Its combined filter is highly efficient which ensures to eliminate microscopic pollutants and allergens above 0.3 microns including PM 2.5 and pollens. 

Honeywell Air Purifier also removes toxic gases, VOCs, odors and chemical particles present in the air. It is a completely Ozone-free product and doesn’t include any harmful gases as an element of filtration.

Its 3D airflow ensures proper air circulation in the room. Life of its filter is 3000 hours. Therefore, if you use it 8 hours daily it will last approximately one year. Moreover there is a one year warranty on this air purifier.

Honeywell air purifier

honeywell air purifier

The Good

  • Easy to install.
  • Easy to clean filter.
  • Zero Sharp edges.
  • Replaceable filter.
  • Compact in size.

The Bad

  • Service is not up to mark after sale.
  • Makes noise.

Coway Sleek pro Professional Air Purifier

Coway is a Korean brand. It is one of the best air purifiers in India. This Korean brand is now world popular for its advanced technology and effectiveness. The sleek design of the air purifier makes it more attractive and pleasing to look at. It is a high quality air purifier that suits your household needs. 

Its HEPA Filter ensures to provide pollutant-free air and it can cover an area around 350 square feet. Its optimized airflow design ensures a flow path at a large distance. Its Clean Air Delivery Rate is 303cubic m/hour. 

Its three stage air purification technique ensures proper filtration process in the room. It includes a pre filter, Urethane carbon filter and HEPA Filter. Its three layer purification ensures to provide clean & pure air to you.

Coway Sleek pro purifier

coway best air purifier

The Good

  • Easy control system.
  • One touch airspeed control.
  • Suitable for standard room.
  • Excellent performance.

The Bad

  • Night mode is not available.
  • Noisy.

So, these these are five best air purifiers in India. Above listed are the ideal air purifiers for every one. the sleek design of these air purifiers are pleasing to the eyes. The user friendly control panel, high quality purification, latest purifying technology and numerous features at perfect for everyone. Nowadays, having an air purifier is very necessary due to toxic air quality on metro cities and air air pollutants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which air purifier is the best for home?

The air purifiers such as Honeywell HPA 300, Blueair Blue Pure 211, Coway airmega 400, Coway 1512, air purifiers from Philips are some best models for home. These are the one of the trusted brands in India ensuing the authenticity of their products.

How do I choose an air purifier?

If you are looking for an air purifier so you can consider while purchasing it. Air filtering technology, it should be good at filtering air, Check the CADR rating for checking air filtering quality, it should have power fluctuation measures and safety measures, easy control system, etc.

What is the best HEPA air purifying to buy?

Honeywell true HEPA air Purifier, Austin Air Healthmate, Standard Air Purifiers, Sharp Air Purifier, and so on are best HEPA air purifiers in India.

Where should an air purifier be placed in a room?

It is very important to place the air purifier at the right place in a room. So make sure that the air purifier should not be placed behind any furniture, and it should be facing front in the room. Also make sure that it should be placed far away so that it would not be able to absorb the air pollutants and airbrone particles.

Can air purifiers makes you sick ?

Yes, there are possible chances to become sick due to change in environment. Headache, sore throat, coughing, difficultly in breathing are the name of some symptoms.