What is a Blood Pressure Monitor?

A blood pressure monitor machine is also known as blood pressure meter or blood pressure gauge. It is a device to measure the blood pressure in your body. A BP Monitor machine will help you to keep track your blood pressure throughout the day, and provide a record of blood pressure. In this article we will discuss 6 best BP monitors in India. 

Testing blood Pressure once in a month or week is not enough that is why a best BP monitor device is the best health device you have at your home. It is the best device for those who are suffering from Blood pressure problems. 

Investing in a Blood pressure monitor machine is a worthy decision. Rushing again and again to the health professionals is outdated. Instead of visiting a healthcare center, purchase a BP machine. It will save your time, money and energy.

A Blood Pressure monitor machine is an advanced way of measuring blood pressure by self- monitoring and error free reading in one touch. Before buying a BP monitor check the accuracy, cuff size, easy to use and user modes. However to buy the best machine for accurate results you have to choose wisely.

Checkout 6 best BP monitors in India to Buy in 2020

Sr.Best BP monitors in IndiaType of machineWarranty Price
1Omron HEM7120 Blood Pressure Monitor Automatic Digital machine 3 years warranty.Check price
2Dr Morepen fully automatic Blood pressure Monitor Automatic Digital machine 1 year warranty. Check price
3Dr Trust Automatic talking Digital Blood Pressure MonitorAutomatic Digital machine 1 year warranty.
Check price
4Rossmax AU941 7 Blood Pressure Monitor Digital machine 2 years warranty.Check price
5Dr Odin TMB-BSX516 Digital Blood Pressure MonitorDigital machine 1 year warranty.Check price
6Omron HEM 7130L Digital Blood Pressure MonitorFully automatic Digital machine  3 YearsCheck price

1. Omron HEM 7120 Fully automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor 

Our second BP monitor machine is manufactured by Omron. It is an Omron HEM fully automatic BP monitor machine. It is also a nationwide medical service provider. It is a Japanese medical equipment brand for providing highest accuracy measurements to the users. 

It has Intellisense Technology for correct results. It is easy to operate. It has capability to measure even a slight change in blood pressure of a patient. Therefore it is the best BP monitor machine in India. It has LCD display method and large reading output. 

 It is light in weight, durable and maintains accuracy at the same time. Rubber padded bottoms avoid anti-slipping. It could be connected with the smart devices for transferring data. 

This device works on 4 batteries and has improved technology for effortless work. It has a hypertension detector and comes with a 5 year warranty. 

Omron HEM 7120 (Best BP Monitor in india)

OMRON best bp monitor in india

The Good

  • Latest smart features. 
  • Advance technology.
  • It has Big LCD screen for clear output.
  • It is one touch operating machine.

The Bad

  • Not light in weight unlike other BP machines.

2. Dr Morepen Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor 

Dr Morepen is a popular brand in Medical equipment. Secondly, it is trusted and provides the best product to their users. Dr Morepen’s BP One BP09 Fully automatic Blood pressure monitor is the top BP monitor machine in Indian market. As the name describes, it is an automatic device and has four user interfaces. 

It has a universal cuff, fit to all. This BP monitor passes all general information required at the time of measuring like an err-regular heart-beat. It also avoids inflation pain by its advanced inflation technology which minimizes the pain. 

It is a portable and durable monitor device you can easily carry anywhere. It comes with 1 lithium metal battery for smooth functioning. 

Dr Morepen BP09

Dr morepen best bp monitors in india

The Good

  • Highly affordable.
  • Provide accurate reading.
  • Take the last 3 readings.
  • Advance inflation technology.

The Bad

  • Less storage for reading memory.

3. Dr Trust Automatic Talking Digital Blood Pressure Monitor 

Dr Trust is an USA brand. This Digital Talking Automatic Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor Machine is an amazing product in the Blood Pressure machine market.  This innovative device has become the front runner with latest features and technology. This machine comes with astonishing features for measuring Blood pressure and heart beat rate also.

As it is a talking digital BP monitor, it conveys the reading displayed on the screen of the user. It is an excellent machine with latest features for convenience of users. It has max Bluetooth connected with this device for distinguished functions. The best thing about this device is that it will read in two most common languages in India i.e., English and Hindi.

Its color indicator is programmed according to the situation like it turned into green in case your Blood pressure or pulse rate is under the range, yellow in case of small increment or decrement, and its screen turns into red, in case of high Blood pressure. 

Dr. Trust Talking Digital BP Monitor

Dr Trust BP Monitor

The Good

  • Innovative device.
  • Talking feature for easy understanding.
  • Can connect with all Bluetooth devices.
  • Fit to all cuff sizes.
  • Free thermometer.

The Bad

  • Low Backlight.
  • It is costly but it is very useful and a one time investment product.
  • Sound quality is average.

4. Rossmax AU941 7 Blood Pressure Monitor

Our next best BP monitor machine in India is Rossmax AU941 7 Blood Pressure Monitor. It comes with many latest features and made for user convenience. It is built with Genuine Fuzzy technology, Hypertension risk detecting technology, Sporadic heartbeat technology and Development Detection feature. 

Its Development Detection feature helps you a lot to keep getting informed about changes in your body. This machine will identify your Body development after every checkup. You don’t not need to re-set the expansion level before using it. It has universal cuff size. Furthermore, the manufacturer offers a 2 year warranty on this device. 

It has the capability to collect 120 readings of two users with date and time. It is approved by Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI).

Rossmax AU941 7 BP Monitor

Rossmax bp monitor

The Good

  • A good product with multiple features. 
  • User-friendly.
  • 2 years warranty.

The Bad

  • Low reading storage.
  • Need some improvements.

5. Dr Odin TMB-BSX516 Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Dr Odin TMB-BSX516 Digital Blood Pressure Monitor as its name suggests, it is a digital BP monitor machine comes with LCD digital display screen for reading. This device comes in two colors, White and Black. 

This is one of the best BP monitors in India at an affordable price. It is a convenient device for sufferers of Blood Pressure issues or for medical usages by professionals. It has been designed with “Intellisense” Technology for easy and controlled estimation without pre-setting troubles. It supports two user estimation with large memory storage. 

It requires AA Batteries for functioning. Manufacturers provide a one year warranty in case of manufacturing defects.

Dr. Odin BSX516 BP Monitor

Dr Odin Best BP Monitor

The Good

  • Pulse rate indicator.
  • Best outcome.
  • Cost-friendly machine.
  • Latest features.

The Bad

  • Don’t support color indicators.

Omron HEM 7130L Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron HEM 7130L Digital BP monitor machine in India is one of the top picked machines. It is a fully automatic machine with almost all advanced features unlike other products in this list. It works on One-touch operation. However, its intellisense technology provides accurate and fast estimation.

It is a compact Blood pressure monitor device that is easy to use and provides results without any fuss. It can measure Blood Pressure and Pulse rate at the same time and deliver correct reading. It has an extra-large armband, fit to everyone. It also detects err-regular heartbeat.

There is a BP Monitor machine, a stretchable arm cuff, set of four batteries, a USB cable, warranty card, Protective case and user guide in package. Throughout India it is one of the most trusted products.

Omron HEM 7130L (Among Best BP Monitors in India)

Omron 7130 L BP

The Good

  • Five Years warranty. 
  • Automatic device with latest features.
  • Chargeable batteries.

The Bad

  • Quite Expensive yet productive one.