Eggs are the rich source of Protein, everyone knows it. Moreover, eggs are considered as easy to prepare and healthy breakfast for Non-vegetarian’s. However, boiling eggs through conventional methods is a difficult and time taking process. Therefore, using modern appliances can save a lot of time. 

Boiling eggs in an egg boiler cannot be difficult anymore. Most egg boilers come with a single touch power button and they are easy to use. Some of the latest range of egg boilers are occupied with advanced features. They have easy to control features. So, in this article we will take you through the 6 best egg boilers in India with complete details. 

Well, before moving to the topic, there are some factors to consider before selecting anyone. 

Type of Egg boilers– Generally, egg boilers are of two types. Microwave and countertop boiler. These two types of egg boiler are very common in India. Microwave egg boiler requires a microwave oven for boiling eggs and a countertop egg boiler is an electric appliance in the shape of a pressure cooker

Its capacity– After deciding which type suits you, another important thing is the capacity. By Capacity we mean how many eggs it can boil in one round. A small size boiler can easily boil 5-7 eggs in one round.

Mode of boiling– Usually, an egg boiling machine has three modes. Soft, medium and hard mode. These modes allow you to boil eggs according to your need. 

Time– Cooking time may vary as per the type of boiler. Like, if you are using a microwave boiler then it may take five minute for soft boiling by using 1000 watts energy. 

S. No.Product NameMax. CapacityMicrowave/Countertop Product URL 
1.Kent Instant Egg Boiler7 eggs Countertop Check price
2.Prestige Egg boiler7 eggsCountertop Check price
3.Kent Egg Boiler 360 Watts 7 eggs CountertopCheck price
4.Nutricook Sheet Metal Fully automatic egg boiler 7 eggs Countertop Check price
5.AJSCOP Egg boiler7 eggsCountertopCheck price

Kent Instant Egg Boiler

Kent Instant egg boiler is probably the best egg boiler in India. This appliance is introduced by one of the leading brands in home & kitchen appliances. Apart from best RO water purifiers and other reliable products, it is also a leading manufacturer of best egg boilers in India. 

Kent instant egg boiler is the best for all, whether you are a bachelor, hostel student, worker, homemaker, it is the perfect choice for everyone. You can easily boil your eggs within three minutes without any issue. It is a very convenient and energy efficient appliance. 

It has three distinct modes for boiling and it is much easier than conventional way of boiling eggs. Due to full control over temperature, it would not over-boil or over-steam your eggs. Moreover, its transparent lid allows you to see the boiling process. 

It is one touch operation device and can easily operate in just 300 watts. There is a one year warranty on this egg boiler. 

Kent Instant Egg Boiler

kent egg boiler

The Good

  • Easy to use.
  • Requires minimal efforts.
  • Automatic heat control feature.

The Bad

  • It may become rusty over time, so need proper cleaning. 

Prestige Egg Boiler PEGB-01

Next is Prestige Egg boiler, Prestige is also a premium brand of home and kitchen in India. Products from Prestige are high in quality, long lasting and best in performance. However, this Stainless steel egg boiler is an excellent device for small families. This device can boil a maximum seven eggs at a time. 

It is a very useful kitchen appliance, especially to encounter morning tasks. This egg boiler will help you to prepare a high protein breakfast in a few minutes. You can easily get a perfect boiled egg as per your requirements. Its three cooking modes allow you to boil eggs at the right consistency.

To get instant boiled egg, you just need to pour water into the pan, place eggs in the slot, close the lid and plug it in the electricity outlet. It is very easy to operate. However, in case of issue, there is a manual guide provided with this device, to easily operate, clean and maintain the boiler. 

Prestige Egg Boiler PEGB-01

prestige best egg boiler in india

The Good

  • Efficient product.
  • Strong stainless steel body.
  • High capacity.
  • 1 year warranty.

The Bad

  • Short electric cord.

Kent Egg Boiler, 360 watts

Again, it is a beautiful white, Egg boiler by Kent. This is another powerful and convenient egg boiler. It is an ideal egg boiler for a small kitchen as it is small in size and fits easily in small spaces. It can boil up to 7 eggs in five minutes without any crack. 

There are three different modes for boiling, Soft hard and medium. It is easy to use and doesn’t require much effort for cleaning. Its heating plate is made up of stainless steel. The Automatic shut-down feature will power off the device when the eggs are evenly boiled.

 It comprises 1-Egg Boiler and 1-Steaming Bowl, 1-Egg Needle, 1-Measuring Cup, 1-User Manual. It just requires 360 watts for operating. Moreover, there is a 1 year warranty on product by the manufacturer. 

Kent Egg Boiler, 360 watts

kent egg boiler

The Good

  • Enough accessories for boiling.
  • Simple features.
  • Electricity efficient.
  • Three heating modes.

The Bad

  • Takes time for operating.

Nutricook Sheet Metal Fully automatic Egg Boiler

Nutricook Sheet Metal Fully automatic Egg Boiler is completely designed to handle robust boiling. It comes with precise temperature control features. It is a United State of America based product, so there is no doubt regarding the efficiency, durability or quality and performance of the product. 

A multifunctional boiler can also perform the function of steamer. You can boil or steam 7 eggs at a time. This device can also be used for boiling veggies or other boiling or steaming tasks. It is a customized device to provide easy results in less time. You can set the temperature by water level. 

It is a completely noise free and fully automatic machine. It will automatically shut off the device when not in use. Prevent overheating or burning of eggs. It is light in weight and a very portable device. Its body is made up of stainless steel and it has a translucent lid. 

It includes 1 Egg Cooker, a poaching /omelet tray, 7 eggs holding tray, a measuring cup and recipe book with it. There is a 1 year warranty in this egg boiler.

Nutricook automatic egg boiler

nutricook egg boiler

The Good

  • Non-electric parts are dishwasher safe.
  • User-friendly.
  • Budget friendly.
  • Good capacity.

The Bad

  • No –one.

AJSCOP Electric automatic Egg boiler

AJSCOP electric egg boiler is one of the convenient and versatile egg boilers in India. It is very easy to use and boil eggs as fast as other egg boilers. Boiling eggs are hassle free with AJSCOP egg boiler. Their removable parts are easy to clean. 

You can boil seven eggs at one time. Moreover, you can also use other trays for making poached eggs, steamed eggs or other dishes. It will take 10 minutes to boil your eggs. Its outer body is made up of Plastic and inner bowls and trays are of Steel. It is a single button operating device. 

AJSCOP Electric automatic Egg boiler

Ajscop egg boiler

The Good

  • Good in price.
  • Multi-purpose device.
  • Good capacity.

The Bad

  • No warranty on Product.
  • Takes time to boil.

These egg boilers are highly recommended and suitable for daily use. Egg boiler’s are become very necessary home appliance these days. In this hectic lifestyle, no one has time to spend their precious time in going through a long list of egg boiler’s. Therefore, we have listed 6 best egg boilers available online or e-commerce stores. These boiling machines are high in quality and effective to serve you healthy breakfast full of protein.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which company Egg boiler is best?

There are a variety of egg boilers are available in market. however, every boiler is variant according to quality of product, efficiency, product life, etc. Currently, egg boiler’s from prestige and Kent are high in demand. Since, Prestige is the trusted partner of Indian home appliances and also the fist choice of homer makers. Thus, egg boiler from prestige could be the best and affordable.

How does egg boiler works?

There is a heating mechanism inside the egg boiler that helps to boil the water and produce steam inside the machine. The steam produced by the boiling water helps the egg to get boiled easily.

Can we boil potatoes in egg boiler?

As the egg boiler is also a kind of steamer. Thus, you can boil potatoes in egg boiler. Also you can steam vegetables, poached eggs, omlette and reheat food.

What is the best method of Boiling eggs?

The best and the easiest method of egg is to place the eggs in the medium pot and pour clod water by one inch. turn the switch on and cook the eggs for 9-12 minutes until it bring to boil. After a boil turn the switch off and transfer the eggs from boiler to a bowl.

Can we make omlette in Egg boiler?

Yes, You can make omlette in Egg boiler.

How much time does it take to boil eggs in egg boiler?

The boiling time of egg varies from machine to machine and it also depends on your desired outcome. like for a classic hard boiled egg it takes 13-15 minutes and for soak yolk a big size egg would take at least 10 minutes to get prepared.