Today we have brought you the list of 6 best food processors in India. These technologically advanced appliances made cooking easier. In comparison to the previous cooking style, nowadays making food is less time consuming and more comfortable.

So, let’s have a quick glance at what the food processor actually is? Basically, a food processor is just a multipurpose kitchen appliance that can easily and quickly chop, shred, puree and grind almost all types of food. Whereas, there are some models which offer extra facilities like they help in making juices, kneading and whisking. 

Food processors are very convenient and easy to use. You can make hundreds of your favorite dishes in one food processor. All you need is to select the best one with smart features to reduce time in cooking and help you to serve delicious food in a few minutes. 

However before buying, it is very important to consider a few points to buy the best available food processor in India.   

Things to know before buying best food processor in India  

There are some basic requirements which we need to take into account before buying to get a perfect food processor.

Capacity: Capacity is one of the major requirements before buying a food processor. Food Processors are available in three different sizes. Full, compact and mini. Before selecting you should have to check the capacity to get a rough idea of how much you can insert the food in its bowl. (No matter what the size of the food processor) Generally, Full size bowls come with the capacity of 9 to 13 cups. Compact size bowls have a capacity of 5 to 7 cups and Mini bowls can accommodate 2 to 5 cups. 

Multifunctional: A best food processor must be Multifunctional. It should come with sharp blades, a fine body, various disks, attachments and detachable power cord. Another most important thing is Motor. It should be placed in the center of the device. Full sized food processors in India most commonly have larger and durable motors. Their weights can exceed upto 9 kilograms. Its heaviness ensures stability during food processing. 

 Power consumption: Basically a food processor does not require much electricity for chopping and grinding vegies or other foods. However other functions kneading and beating may require more power supply. It has been observed that a food processor with more than 700 watts motor is good for toughest tasks. 

Warranty: So after checking above mentioned points, the last but very important point to consider is warranty period. Nobody wants to buy a product without a warranty. In India generally all home and kitchen appliances come with a one year warranty period. Some prestigious companies also provide longer warranty to their customers. Probably it may cost higher but it is a good deal for the long run. 

Best Food Processor in IndiaBowl CapacityWarrantyPrice
Inalsa Fiesta Food Processor1 Liter2 Years on Product & 5  Year on MotorCheck the price
Philips HL 77072.4 LiterCheck the price
Bajaj Food Processor FX111 Liter2 Years & 5 years on MotorCheck the price
Preethi Food Processor2.1 Liter2 Years & 5 years on MotorCheck the price
Wonderchef Food Processor1 Year warrantyCheck the price
Inalsa Craze DX Food Processor2 Years & 5 Years on motorCheck the price

6 Best food processor in India reviews 2020 

Inalsa Fiesta Food Processor

So the very first on top 6 best food processors in India is Inalsa Fiesta 650 watt food processor. It is the most accepted food processor and reviewed by so many people with good star ratings. It is the No.1 choice of kitchen queens for smart and fast processors. This food processor is a 650 watt break resistant blower like mixing bowl, blender, dry grinding jar, 8 accessories centrifugal juicer. It is ultimate all in one food processor. It offers a 2 years warranty on product and 5 years warranty on Motor. Its heavy duty motor which makes takes easier are built with 100% pure Copper and that’s why it makes processing faster and efficient. There is also an overload motor protector for safety. 

This food processor is not only limited to slicing Chopping and shredding but it can also make citrus and vegetable juices in a few seconds. It is also useful for kneading bread dough, beating egg white or any kind of batter for baking cake or other stuff. 

Its superior high quality sharp blades are made up of stainless steel that can perform multiple functions for fine chopping dicing , pureeing and blending mixtures. This brand provides a Polycarbonate BPA-Free Blender Jar with 1.5L capacity and a stainless steel jar of 1 Liter for different tasks. 

Inalsa Fiesta has a wide feeder tube, so that you can pour a good amount of food at one’s and by this you can utilize your time for other preparations. You can easily clean your food processor by detaching attachments. Unlike other brands Inalsa fiesta is a multi-tasker and provides a peaceful cooking experience. 

Things we like

  • Stainless steel jar and break resistant bowls. 
  • Superior high quality blades.
  • Detachable power cords and other attachments.
  • Easy maintenance and perform tasks silently.

Things we don’t like

  • Price of the product is a bit costlier but it is productive.   

Philips HL 7707

On number two we have Philips HL 7707. When we talk about qualitative home and kitchen products, Philips is the most demanded brand by Indian customers as well. Philips HL 7707 can perform a variety of tasks like chopping, slicing, grinding, juicing, kneading, etc. Yet products of Philips are embedded with advanced technologies and smart features thereby delivering fast processing and better performance. This is another best food Processor in India with 4 jars, 750 wattage and operating power is 230 volts. They offer 5 years warranty on Motor. It includes 4 mixing jars with different capacities such 2.4L and 1.5L and it also contains a manual guide for directions and precautions.  

Things we like

  • All in one food processor for a variety of kitchen tasks. 
  • Automatic power off in case of overheating.
  • Well defined control panel and Easy to use.
  • High RPM for fast processing.
  • 5 years warranty on Motor.

Things we don’t like

  • For hard grinding it requires 750 or more wattage. 

Bajaj Food Processor FX11

Baja best food processor in india

Bajaj Food Processor FX11 ranks on number third in our list. It is a product from Bajaj Company that manufactures the best reliable and worthy products for their customers. It is a 600 watt food processor with 1 liter capacity. There is a 2 years warranty on product and 5 years warranty on Motor. It ensures the safety of the user and that’s why it comes with an In Build Locking mechanism. You have to apply the jar properly to start food processing. 

It has a powerful motor with 18000 RPM Motor and there is a three speed controller along with pulse mode. Its bowls and lids are made up of unbreakable polycarbonate material. Its stainless steel blades are very sharp which can chop, slice, dice, and scrap any veggies or fruits. However, you can easily shred, knead finely. A Spatula is also provided for easy removal of mixture. 


  • It is less power consuming.
  • Fulfill multiple tasks very efficiently.
  • Enabled Suction feet to avoid vibration. 
  • Safety locking system.
  • 2 years warranty on Product and 5 years on Motor.


Preethi Food Processor

Preethi Zodiac MG 218 Mixer Grinder is a powerful and a trusted brand of Mixing and grinding brand. It is excellent in performing toughest jobs just because of its powerful motor which enable heavy operations.  It has 2 liters capacity. There are 5 jars for food processing with capabilities to perform tasks in a few minutes such as kneading dough in just 1 Min. Moreover it can do several other kitchen works like Chopping grating and slicing in seconds. You can prepare citrus fruits or veggies juices in just 2 mins. It is the best and cheapest food processor in India. So by buying this super food processor your half of stress will ultimately reduce. 

Things we like

Things we like

  • This food processor has smart features that will help you a lot.
  • It does not require installation.
  • Control panel with safety indicator. 
  • Suction feet for stability.
  • 750watt Vega w5 Motor.
  • Available in different colors.
  • Overload protection.

Things we don’t like

  • May produce heavy Noise and it requires 750 or more watt for hard grinding.

Wonder Chef Food Processor

wonder chef best food processor in india

Wonderchef turbo dual speed food processor is an excellent food chopper and slicer. It has dual speed manual food processor for fine and coarse chopping or slicing. It does not require power supply for process. Simply you have to put the food and process manually. It is handy and easy to use. Its super dual speed sharp blades are made up of stainless steel that can easily chop food in minutes. Its complete package  contains 1 piece food processor, 1 piece chopping blade, a Slicing platform and 1 piece whip blade.


  • Handy in nature.
  • Easy to use.
  • Does not require power.
  • Much cheaper than other food processors.
  • It comes with a 1 year warranty.


  • It is not an automatic food processor, so you have to perform operations manually.

Inalsa Craze DX Food Processor

Inalsa Craze DX 700 watt Food Processor is another model from Inasla in our list. It is the favorite household brand basically for kitchen products. It is demanded for its most powerful and product durability. It is an economical food processor and comes with different attachments. There are various bowls, blender, mixing bowl, grinding jar, juicer, chopper, kneader, whisker, cutter disc, spatula, instruction guide, etc. 

There is a two years warranty on product and 5 years warranty on motor. It requires 700w power supply and 230-240 volts for operating. It also has an interlocking system for the sake of safety. 

Things we like

  • High quality attachments and super performance.
  • Handy in nature.
  • Safe for everyone.
  • Economical in all ways. 
  • Process food faster.

Things we don’t like

  • Jars are not BPA free. 
  • Plastic jars can be broken easily.

A food processor in the kitchen is like blessing for many ladies who are preparing tasty mouth watering dishes for you. A food processor helps you in slicing, dicing, chopping, mixing juicing, shredding, etc within a couple a seconds. It perform multiple tasks. Thus, it become an integral part of everyone’s kitchen.

In this article, you have gone through six best food processor in India. These processors are best in quality, efficient, durable and affordable. They are convenient and cover almost all aspects that a food processor should comprises.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top five food processors?

After evaluating some factors we have listed top five food processors of India.

  1. Inalsa fiesta food processor,
  2. Philips HL 7707, Preethi food processor,
  3. Bajaj food processor FX 11,
  4. Wonderchef food processor.
  5. Hamilton Beach 70740 food processor.

Which is better a food processor or blender?

There is no doubt that a food processor is much better than a blender. A blender cannot perform as many tasks as a food processor can do.

Is a food processor worth it?

Yes a food processor will definitely worth it. It is the fastest way to do meal preparations. Moreover, it is also good for those who are afraid of sharp tools.

What should I look for when buying a food processor?

While selecting a food processor, keep it in mind that you may have to use it on daily basis thus it should be durable and productive. the things to consider before buying a food processor is the sharpness of blades, power consumption, functions, warranty, cost, built material, etc.

When should you use a food processor?

A food processor is act like a helping for chefs, cooks and our kitchen lovers who loves to prepare dishes. A food processor can be used when you have to grind something like vegetables or meat, chopping leafy vegies or vegetables, shredding, grating, slicing, mixing, etc.