What is a Glucometer Machine?

A glucometer is basically a glucose monitoring device that helps you to measure glucose in your blood. So, before getting into the title “Best glucometer in India”. Let’s firstly discuss the concept of glucometer machines.

A glucometer is a handy portable health device, to provide you quick glucose reading time to time at your comfort. It is the best machine for Diabetic Mellitus. 

It is a medical device which helps to determine the concentration of blood in your blood and provide you the exact information. It is the best way of monitoring the level of sugar present in your blood at home. This device will provide you with reading to get the accurate results. 

How does a Glucometer work?

A glucometer is the best device to check glucose at home. It works by pricking the finger of the person to get a small drop of blood. Then the blood sample gained by the person has to apply on the test strip present in the machine. 

The blood drop applied on the test strip will react with the chemicals present on the strip and suddenly an electric current passes through to identify the glucose level in the blood. This device will display a reading within a minute to get results. 

Checkout list of best glucometer in India to buy in 2020

Sr.Best Glucometer in IndiaRequired Blood sample Outcome (reading time)Strips and LancetsPrice
1Accu-chek instant S Glucometer1 drop4 secondsProvide only Strips Check price
2Dr. Morepen BG03Glucometer0..5microliter 5 secondsProvide Strips and LancetsCheck price
3Dr Trust Glucometer Machine0.5microliter 5 secondsProvide Strips and LancetsCheck price
4One touch select Plus  simple Glucometer1 drop 5 secondsProvide strips and lancetsCheck price
5i-Sens cool Blood Glucose MeterNot mentioned5 seconds Only stripsCheck price
6Omnitest 3 B Braun 0.3microliter3 seconds Provide strips and lancets Check price

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1. Accu Chek Instant S Glucometer

Due to our unhealthy eating habits and busy lifestyle we don’t have time to visit Clinics or pathologies. A Diabetic patient will easily understand the pain visiting medical centers for monthly check-ups. Therefore, in this article we have listed 6 best glucometer machines in India. 

Accu Chek instant glucometer is the most popular blood sugar testing machine in India. This is our no. choice because of its quick and effortless processing. This machine will help you monitor sugar level reading in just 4 seconds. 

It is one of the most popular best glucometers in India. It is a very effective way of self-testing. This glucose meter is easily available on market at lowest cost. Therefore it is a wise investment on healthcare products. 

This product comes with 750 testing strips. It is a highly sensitive glucometer machine. Thus it should be placed at a temperature of 8 – 42 degree Celsius. It has nine different color indicators to educate about the current glucose level. This device can store up to 750 sample records for future use.

Accu-chek Instant S

Accu chek best glucometer in india

The Good

  • Portable device.
  • Enough test strips for monitoring glucose.
  • Available at affordable cost.

The Bad

  • Don’t provide as accurate results as promised.

2. Dr Morepen BG-03 Glucometer

It is another wonderful glucometer in medical devices. This machine comes with amazing features and functions for user-friendly services. It has the wonderful ability to record the accurate amount of sugar present in your blood.

This is the second best glucometer machine in India offering a wonderful effortless experience. Its ergonomic design is one of its special features however, it is India’s trusted brand for health devices. 

This product comes with 25 test strips, LCD display system, Lancets, plastic case and battery. For testing you just require 0.5 drop of blood for an accurate result. Moreover it also beeps when you turn on the device.

Dr Morepen BG-03 Glucometer Machine

Dr. Morepen best glucometer in india

The Good

  • Required minimum blood sample.
  • Lifetime warranty of product.
  • Beeper indicator.
  • Reasonable price.

The Bad

  • Need some improvement in the build model.

3. Dr Trust Glucometer Machine 

Dr Trust is a USA based company. This Glucometer by Dr Trust is a fully automatic machine for testing blood sugar in an advanced way. This glucometer device comes with many latest features to provide fast reading with less effort. It requires 5 seconds to display reading. 

It has sleek design and it is a completely automated self-testing machine. It is less painful as it requires a very small amount of blood for testing. The strips are made under the latest GDH- FDA strip enzyme technology to provide you exact results. However this kit comes with 60 strips and 60 lancets to avoid rushing towards medical centers. 

Dr. Trust Glucometer

Dr Trust Glucometer

The Good

  • Multi functional glucometer.
  • Automatic device.
  • Affordable and comes with warranty on product.
  • Don’t require coding.
  • LCD display.

The Bad

  • Quite expensive for some people.

4. One touch select Simple Glucometer 

One touch Select Simple Glucometer is another popular glucometer selling brand in India. It is the fourth best Glucometer machine in India in our list. It is a popular brand of advanced health devices. It has ISO international accuracy standards certification. Thus, it is claimed to provide accurate blood sugar level.

This glucose testing kit comes with a lancing pen, 10 lancets, 10 test strips and CR2 Battery. This device will provide you results in just five minutes. However, it just requires a single drop of blood for testing. 

It has Color Sure indicator technology to indicate through colors such as red for Low, blue and green for better experience. The audio and the color signal makes your experience easy. It has preset low or high range limits for enhanced monitoring. 

OneTouch Select Plus Simple

OneTouch select plus simple glucometer

The Good

  • Comes with advanced features.
  • No coding is required.
  • Colour Sure technology.
  • 3 Warranty on product.

The Bad

  • Pre Set limits cannot be changed.
  • Improvement needed.

I-Sens cool Blood Glucose Meter

I-Sens cool is a glucose meter by Arcatron. This glucose machine is easily available in the market. This is one of the best Korean brands. Unlike other glucometers it also provides reading in just 5 seconds. It is a durable product by Arcatron.  

Process of using is very similar unlike other glucometers. Moreover, it can store up to 250 test results in its memory. Its results can be exported to other devices. It has a pre and post meal flagging feature and it also has post meal alarms fixed in this device.  It is a very useful device that comes at a reasonable price.


The Good

  • It has a pre and post meal flagging feature.
  • Fast reading.
  • Display accurate results.
  • Can store 250 test results in memory.

The Bad

  • Don’t come with a warranty.

Omnitest-3 B Braun

Omnitest-3 by B Braun is a German medical glucose testing kit. It is a new competitor in the glucometer market. Yet it has maintained its high position in the minimum timespan. This is another best Glucometer machine in India. It is an easy to use and portable device. One can easily self-monitor by using this machine. 

It has satisfied the ISO Blood glucose meter accuracy standard and thus provides fast and correct results. It takes 3 seconds to display results and require a very small unit of blood. 

It comes in white color with test strips and lancets for testing.

Omnitest 3 Glucometer Kit by B.Braun

B Braun omnitest 3 glucomter kit

The Good

  • Budget friendly.
  • Quick processing.
  • ISO standard meter.
  • LCD display.

The Bad

  • No cons.