Hey, we will discuss here about best OTGs in India, prices and reviews. Nowadays, everybody wants to save some extra minutes from their hectic lifestyle. Today we have new technologies that make our life easier. Almost everything is replaced with new appliances or devices that help us in our daily routine. If we talk about our Kitchen today we have a refrigerator in place of Pots, LPG gas stoves, Microwave ovens or OTGs instead of coal stoves. So, today we take a look at the best OTGs in India. 

What are OTGs? In short, OTGs are simply Oven, toaster and Grill assembled together that can be either used for baking, or used as a griller or toaster seamlessly. It is just another form or you can say an upgraded version of microwave ovens. And the best part of OTG is that it works faster than microwave ovens. So if you are still using separate equipment for grilling, baking or roasting it is a smart three in one solution for you. 

Things to know before buying best OTGs in India 

There are some factors to consider before purchasing OTGs of your choice. There are several leading brands selling best OTGs in India.

Capacity: It is very important to check the capacity of an OTG. The capacity ranges from 10 to 60 liters. Pick one that suits your family size and fulfill your cooking necessities. A 20-40 liters OTG is good for 4-6 members. While checking for capacity make sure it has perfect dimensions, meaning height, length and width so you can buy a OTG that fits into your kitchen space.

Power consumption: The second important thing is consumption. A high wattage OTG will cook food faster. On the other hand high wattage means high consumption of power supply. A small sized OTG 600 to 800 watts easily. Therefore an OTG with auto shut off feature is an excellent choice.

Additional features: For the simplicity of cooking and comfort there are many inbuilt features present in smart OTGs to support your cooking. It should have an auto shut-off feature, timer, transparent chamber, cool touch handle, temperature, rotating bar, and thermostat control.

Price And warranty: Very last but very important thing is the price of OTG. Price is something that in which the whole decision depends upon. A latest OTG with smart features and high quality generally ranges under 10,000 rupees. Additionally, manufacturers also offer 1-2 years warranty on their product if you found any problem after buying. 

Checkout 6 Best OTGs in India

Product nameWarranty Price
Prestige POTG 9 PC 800-Watt Oven Toaster GrillCheck price
Philips HD6975/00 25-Litre Digital Oven ToasterCheck price
Bajaj Majesty 1603 T 16-Litre Oven Toaster GrillCheck price
Panasonic NB-H3200S 32-Litre Oven Toaster GrilCheck price
Bajaj Majesty 2800 TMCSS 28-Litre Oven ToasterCheck price
Morphy Richards 18 RSS 18-Litre Stainless Steel Oven ToasterCheck price

Prestige POTG 9 PC 800-Watt Oven Toaster Grill

Prestige POTG 800 watts OTG is a beautiful and portable appliance from Prestige with smart features and stunning look. You can find at least one product of Prestige in every Indian kitchen. This company is known for safety and quality products as well. You can use this appliance for toasting, grilling and heating food quickly. It comes in solid grey color with a dynamic look.

The front has a front opening transparent door with great space. It’s wire rack is made with stainless steel for toasting and grilling. Additionally there is an enamel coated tray for baking. The maximum temperature required for this OTG is 250 degrees but you can set or adjust temperature as per your need. It consumes less power at 800watts and provides you perfectly baked or roasted or grilled food items quickly. 

This Prestige both veg and non-vegetarian as well. It is easy to maintain and have long lasting durable elements. Company offers a 1 year warranty on this OTG.


  • Prefect for a small family.
  • Atheistic design.
  • Easy to use.


  • Rods can be so hot after using it.

Philips HD6975/00 25-Litre Digital Oven Toaster

Philips HD 6975 25 liter digital oven and toaster is our next best suggestion for you. It is India’s another trusted brand for electronic and kitchen appliances. It is a medium sized OTG perfect for 4-6 members. It can bake grill or toast all kinds of food, veggies, meats, etc. 

It is designed with advanced technology to provide a more efficient cooking experience and stun your family members with great features.

It has one touch 10 presets menu, opti temperature technology, cut off feature, pre-heat function and a variety of cooking essentials items. It has a digital control system for selecting suitable mode and temperature to be needed. It has chrome finished soft knobs with transparent chambers. 


  • Best OTG for a medium size family.
  • Digital features.
  • Digital features.
  • Classy look.


  • Don’t have convection mode.

Bajaj Majesty 1603 T 16-Litre Oven Toaster Grill

Bajaj majesty is a small size OTG under affordable price. It has a maximum 16 liters capacity. It is an ideal choice for a family having 3-4 members. Although it is small it can perform the tasks as you expect from an OTG. 

It has an auto shut off feature to save power consumption. Again its thermostat control temperature and monitor required temperature for cooking, baking grilling or toasting. It can operate on 230 volts and maximum 1200 watts power consumption. It has a 1 year warranty. 


  • Excellent performance.
  • Brilliant features.
  • Cooking stuff provided with this OTG. 


  • Does not have rotating bars.

Panasonic NB-H3200S 32-Litre Oven Toaster Grill

Panasonic NB- H3200S is the best OTG in India. It is designed according to Indian Kitchen versatility. It is an amazing 32liters mid-size OTG best for preparing roasted chicken, baking cakes or cookies or grilled veggies sticks. This OTG includes Enamel coated baking tray, grilling rods, extra bars, holding rack, crumb tray, etc. 

It just required 1500watts power consumption for joyful baking. It has different temperature control settings.  Moreover there is a control panel, long cord, and 1 year warranty on this product. 


  • High efficiency.
  • Good capacity.
  • Fast heating system.


  • Overheating may be an issue.

Bajaj Majesty 2800 TMCSS 28-Litre Oven Toaster

Bajaj majesty 2800 TMCSS is a compact size OTG. It has 28 liters capacity that allows you to bake food for 4-5 members. It performs almost all the functions unlike other OTGs. It has a stainless steel body. There are plenty of items included with this OTG for convenience. It has a Cooking Tray, Grill and Barbeque Tray, Tong and Skewer Rods. It comes with a motorized rotisserie with convection and it requires 1800watts to help in baking food. 


  • Motorized Rotation bars.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Affordable price.


  • Company don’t offer any warranty on this product.

Morphy Richards 18 RSS 18-Litre Stainless Steel Oven Toaster

Morphy Richards’ 18 liter steel OTG is one of best OTG in India. It is especially designed to cater to a small family. It is small size OTG comes with various functions such as baking grilling and even can be used as a toaster.

Its temperature control feature is amazing which allows OTG to keep warm and evenly spread temperature. It is made up of stainless steel and requires 1380 wattage for cooking. It also includes Oven toaster grill, Baking tray, Crumb tray, Rotisserie rod set, Rotisserie tong, Wire rack, Tong, Instructional manual, and 2 years warranty card.


  • Reliable product.
  • Sufficient for a small family.
  • Have all essential features.


  • Does not have much space.
  • Suitable for home cooking only.

Difference between Microwave Oven and OTG

OTG simply refers to Oven Toaster and Griller, you can an OTG for these three purpose. However a Microwave Oven is used for cooking or heating food. It is known as convection oven as well. They are very different with in terms of technology, capacity, functions, work efficiency, etc.

A Microwave Oven one-dimension modern cooking appliance that is used for cooking or heating foods, whereas, an OTG can perform various task form cooking to toasting or grilling.

The maximum capacity of a microwave oven is 40-45 liters, on the other hand an OTG’s higher capacity is 60 liters.

OTG is more appropriate for making professionally cooked foods in few hours and it also use low power supply. Therefore it is energy efficient. In case microwave oven it is generally used for household cooking purpose and it also consumes high electricity.

In terms of technology used for cooking, an OTG generally use nickel or chromium rods for heating food by using a fan placed in OTG. Due to Nickel is the good conductor of electricity thus it takes a while for preheating and cooking food quickly. Moreover, a microwave use electromagnetic waves for heating therefore it also cooks food faster but not quickly as OTG.

In case of cooking utensils, you can use any kinds of vessels in OTG, it works with all types of vessels. However, Glass, aluminum and silicone is best suited on microwave oven. And an OTG sometimes become challenging due to mechanical control panel but a microwave is easy to use because of LCD control panel.

How to clean an OTG?

After cooking a lots of tasty and delicious foods, the most challenging part is cleaning an OTG oven. Cleaning an OTG is a very necessary to maintain its efficiency and to avoid unhealthy cooked food. It is very important like other appliance in our Kitchen.

There are some easy and homemade solutions for cleaning OTG oven easily. Homemade cleaning is also good to avoid toxic chemicals used by commercial cleaning agents for cleaning ovens.

There are three effective ingredients that will help you to clean OTG. First is baking Soda, second is vinegar and third is a regular dish wash solution.

To clean OTG, shut down the appliance and un-plugged the OTG from the Outlet.

Let the OTG rest for few minutes, so that it will comes to the room temperature.

Before cleaning, remove all the accessories like crumb tray racks and other removable parts and clean them separately.        

Now for cleaning OTG, prepare a mixture of baking soda, vinegar, dish wash soap and water. Mix all ingredients in a bowl. With the help of a sponge apply the mixture of stubborn stains and greasy area. Leave it for few minutes and then clean it with a cotton cloth. Clean 2-3 times for proper cleaning. Cleaning OTG once in a week will great decision.

Buying guide of OTG Oven

Buying best OTG in India, is a tough task for many people. So, before finalizing a product it is wise to have some details about the product, so that you can make good choice and bring home happiness.

Here we have listed some important factors to check before purchasing an OTG oven. These factors will help you to buy best OTG in India.

Capacity of OTG

There are various ranges are available in the market. Therefore an OTG with 15-20 liters is suitable for small family. The maximum capacity of OTG is 60 Liters. It is suitable for big family. And for medium sized family 30-35 liters OTG is sufficient.

Dimension of OTG

Dimension of OTG is directly related with the size of OTG. However the size of OTG must be fits into your kitchen space, so that there is enough area in back and front of OTG for free Ventilation.

Electricity usage

Power consumption is another important factor to be consider. In comparison to microwave, an OTG consume less electricity. A small sized OTG can works on 1200 wattages efficiently. Moreover, the large one requires 2000 wattage power supply for operating.

Warranty of product

Usually all popular brands or manufacturing companies provides warranty on their product. Some of them provide 1 year warranty however, others may provide more than 1 year. Warranty will ensures the quality and effectiveness of a product. Moreover, it also maintain a good relation between consumers and manufacturer.


A good OTG can comes in a range of 3000 rupees. It is less pricey as compared to microwave ovens. It is available with good features and quality products. A wide range of OTG with distinct features are available at variable cost. A best OTG for small size family can worth 15000 thousands in India.


So in this entire article, we have gone through the necessary details and information’s required for you to purchase a best OTG in India. We have provide you a good briefing regards OTG and a clear differentiation between OTG and Microwave oven. So, this article might be helpful for you to select a good OTG for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Difference Between OTG and Microwave Oven?

An OTG and microwave oven is far different in many terms. An OTG is a mini oven that is used for grilling, toasting, and baking and reheat food in a small amount. It takes more time to cook food as compared to microwave oven.
A microwave oven is only used for cooking, baking and reheating cooked food. It takes less time to prepare food but it consume much electricity in comparison to OTG. In short a microwave oven is good household cooking however an OTG best suits to Professionals.

Which one is better OTG or a Microwave?

They both are good and helpful appliance for cooking, heating or baking food quickly. However it depends upon your usage, your requirements and other factors.

It is necessary to pre-heat OTG before cooking?

To cook for in a better way, it is suggested to pre heat oven for few minutes before cooking. It will provide you perfectly baked food and reduce cooking time.

Can we Re-heat in an OTG?

Yes, you can reheat in an OTG but it takes 15-20 minutes for reheating food. However, it only takes 2 minutes to reheat food in Microwave.

Which is the best brand OTG oven available in India?

Some of best brands available in India are Bajaj, Morphy Richard, Prestige, LG, Haier, etc.

How much power does an OTG consume?

A small size OTG requires 1200 watts for operating and for large size OTG maximum 2000 wattage is required.