Air fryers are the best alternative for traditional deep oil frying. However, deep fried or light fried foods are associated with the high risk of heart diseases, fat, blood pressure and other health issues. To add a good investment in your health, intake less fried foods. 

However, new technology of air fryers has decreased the risk and provides you with some healthy food. These are many advantages of an air fryer but there are some disadvantages that are also indulged with it. So, let’s checkout the drawbacks of air fryers.

  1. Air fryers are slower than conventional frying. It takes 2x times for cooking a single batch as compared to traditional deep frying. If you need instant snacks then it fails to serve you at times.
  2. Air fryers are not good for large families. It has low capacity and it also requires small chopped or small sized food for cooking. However another problem is that due to overcrowding, food placed in it can’t be cooked evenly. Crowding of food lowers the temperature and blocks air circulation in the food chamber. 
  3. It requires much space on your countertop. Due to bulky size it requires much space. Its heavy build structure doesn’t allow you to move it easily. However, it often becomes noisy. The fan placed on the top of it produces much noise. 
  4. Sometimes food placed in an air fryer needs a high temperature for cooking, so if you lose attention your crispy snacks might be converted into burnt food. Therefore there are high chances of burning food. 
  5. Due to using less oil for cooking food, the food will easily turn into dry food. Hence you have to be careful while cooking it. Moreover if you want to eat crispy food, prepare limited and don’t store it.
  6. It is not a good substitute for an oven. An air fryer which is often promised to provide the qualities of oven cooked food. However in reality it cannot be a substitute oven at all. 
  7. It consumes more electricity, requires more time for cooking, is low in capacity, might not serve as they promise, so in simple words it is not feasible.

In the end, an air fryer may provide healthier food but there are some small flaws associated with its. Otherwise an air fryer is a good appliance for cooking light and tasty foods. 

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